Jo Osborne and Donna Harper and thermography for horses and equines

Jo Osborne BHS Reg'd, ESMT, Buqi

Piper Grooming Jo

Jo Osborne completed her Basic Thermography Training with Donna Harper DVM in New Mexico (USA) in 2008 and completed the Advanced Programme with Donna in 2011. Jo continues to work alongside Donna; organising and promoting the Training Courses in the UK along with utilising Donna's veterinary interpretation and diagnostic service. 

Jo is a well established equine therapist and is a practitioner of a variety if healing therapies; Buqi, equine sports massage (ESMAT / trained by Mary Bromiley ACPAT) as well as being a BHS Intermediate Teacher (Reg'd). Jo is a 'people' movement and massage therapist and upholds her weekly teaching commitments of 'Qigong and T'ai Chi classes for health' in her local area. (A subject she is equally passionate about for riders and owners!)

Jo became fascinated by Infrared Thermal Imaging in 2005 and as every bodywork therapist knows, the more information one can gain about an individual the more the therapist, individual or horse owner has the  possibility to reach an effective strategy for improving health or addressing a problem area. Jo is firmly interested in prevention rather than cure and in 'seeing' a problem from an alternative perspective. So far, this Thermography project has proved to be fascinating and eventful and has provided many a surprising insight about what is 'going on' for the horse.

If you meet Jo you will find her joyful and passionate about horses and how we relate with them. She has a lifetime of experience of working with horses, of considering anatomy, physiology, movement and being. Jo is not 'all' thermography; there are many possible insights you might gain from this particular fish! Jo invites you to join her in finding out more about your horse; to empower you in the most effective and positive way according to your situation or needs.

Donna Harper DVM

Dr. Harper has a B.S. in Veterinary Science from Colorado State Univ. 1971 and a D.V.M. in Veterinary Medicine also from CSU 1973. She has held a veterinary license in Texas and New Mexico since 1973; various veterinary, training and other licenses from the New Mexico State Racing Commission since 1973 and is a past president of the Chaplain's Council for The Downs at Albuquerque. She is one of the three founding members of the Equine Heros Foundation which works with equine leg/foot amputations. In 1997-98, Dr. Harper took form training in prosthetics from Nova Care Inc. Since completing that training she has developed several prosthetic equine foot replacement prototypes. 

"I was raised in West Texas in a farming family and have been around farming and livestock all my life. While in high school and my beginning years of college, I trained and exhibited Quarter Horses and Thoroughbreds with former equine Olympian and A.Q.H.A. Hall of Fame Member, Suzanne Norton Jones. I was one of the first women from the state of New Mexico to receive a degree in Veterinary Medicine, graduating in 1973 after pursing equine special projects directed by lameness authority, Dr. O.R.Adams. I practiced veterinary medicine in Ruidoso, New Mexico from 1973 through 1980; concurrently, I held the position of State Veterinarian at Ruidoso Downs Racetrack from 1973 trough 1977. In 1984 through 1997, I designed and participated in the ownership of several farms which raised racing TB's . In 1991, I began working with equine leg/foot amputations and am one the few veterinarians with experience in this area particularly with respect to design and construction of prostheses. I have developed several prosthetic equine foot replacement prototypes that have tested on the amputee mare which I have owned since 1991. This amputee mare has delivered 5 natural foals as well as having raised an additional 2 orphan foals; she is one of the most successful documented equine amputees on record. For many years, I have perused an interest in equine nutrition and have developed nutritional products for several private companies such as the John Ewing Co. and Haymate. I am currently the owner of Vet-Therm, a company located in New Mexico, that provides infrared imaging (IRT) of animals as well as training in the proper use of an IR camera in the veterinary medical field. I have authored a number or articles related to the use of IRT in veterinary medicine".