back pain in horse, thermography vet diagnosis and infrared imaging of the equine

What does a good back look like?

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Good Back?

This back is clear of any heat or cold areas and represents a good back.


healthy looking back

Infrared thermal images give you an immediate and clear visual representation about the state of your horse's back.

Heat and cold patterns are readily revealed and seen which can be quickly and easily compared to where the saddle sits, the rider weight, the lower back or sacro-iliac area, heat spots, cold spots, pain sites, etc.

Identifying specifics starts to become simpler and you are able to build a very individual picture for the horse.

This pony resented being ridden and shows that there is a hot spot directly under the saddle. Further investigation for back pain becomes prudent.

thermal hot spot under saddle

These horses were referred back to their Vet!

Medicated Lumber back

This image is post medication of the lumber back. After this imaging session the Vet chose to medicate the rest of the back; thoracic and lumber.


Lameness in RH

This horse had been under Veterinary medication for a long term SI joint problem, presented further issues and was referred back to the Vet with images


Hamstrings highlighted lameness

This horse was referred back to the Vet and a diagnosis was subsequently made of both front limb lameness and is pending further investigation