rider back pain thermal image gallery using thermography

Your Back! How we relate to our horses......?

These Image Galleries will be continually added to.

It's interesting to consider our own backs which can help us to relate or make sense of what is seen on the thermographic images in order that we might relate to our horses.

There are some who believe that horses do not suffer back pain!

It is interesting for riders to be imaged themselves and they are surprised at how quickly we can locate the source of the pain that they feel.

Perhaps this might allow us to review more easily what is going on for the horse and the degree to which it is going on.

Rider 1

Rider experiencing pain in lower back.


pain radiating to the left

Heat radiating to left under waisband.

Six months later after treatment.

after treatment

Heat centrally placed at the tip of the spinous process

Pre and post treatment.

Look at the heat pattern beneath the waistband. In the first image you see heat which is radiating to the left side and which corresponds to pain that is across to the left. 

In the second image the rider is experiencing no pain but she has been told by her Osteopath that there is an issue with a spinal disc. We can see in the image heat which is centrally placed in the spine.

Rider 2

Some lower back pain


lower back


Rider experiences pain in left sacrum area.


sacrum pain


Left sacral pain.

You can see a little  heat below the waistband on the left side of the lower back in the first picture. Most importantly there is a definite contrast in the sacrum area seen in the second image; the rider feels more pain here. 

This rider was surprised at how quickly and effectively we could pinpoint the area of discomfort without her first telling us where it was. 

Rider 3

'Where is it?', he challenged!

In your thumb!


 pain in thumb