saddle check, equine thermography and horse and rider pressure points relating to the back, saddler and weight

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Saddle pressure points

The pressure points coming from the saddle can easily be seen on the back of this horse.


saddle pressure points

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Saddle bridging

We can see pressure on one side of the back. We confirm findings, both with and without the rider, by looking at the underside of the saddle.*


saddle pressure point

saddle bridging

By viewing the underside of the saddle we are able to locate specific areas where the flocking might be protruding, rubbing, bridging or pinching.

saddle bridging


This saddle is clearly bridging.

We will see corresponding patterns on the back of the horse.

* The white area is where the horse has been clipped. There is also a white rectangular patch which is coming form the freezemark which is also clipped out.

Crooked rider

Right hand panel of the saddle reveals heat.


right hand panel warm


Now this was a conundrum!

What is going on? The rider was sitting over to the left thus pressing the inside edge of the saddle panel so close to the  spine and almost to the opposite side whilst bearing weight down through the left panel into the left side of the horse.

The greater question? Why does the rider sit left? Or.. Why does the horse put the rider to the left? It was certainly a welcome wake up call for the rider!

BUT the left hand side of the back shows heat.


BUT left side of back warm!



Providing a simple and effective measure of assessing your horse's saddle fit.

Know exactly when to get your saddler to come to check your saddle and know what it is you are looking horses says ...

Why not get your saddler and equine thermographer to come at the same time?