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Equine Thermography can have a positive role in assisting Practitioners and Professionals of Equine Therapies in their initial and ongoing assessments during their normal protocol. We endeavour to be supportive in helping Practitioners and Professionals to develop their own research projects and case studies which benefit their profession, the horses and their owners.


We offer a professional and friendly service offering both static thermal images and 'Thermographic Videos' for deeper studies/enquiries.

Building a Picture

Inform Your Treatment Protocol

Infrared Equine Thermography will help you to build an accurate picture of what is going on beneath the surface of an individual horse and provide you with extra feedback that assists you in identifying the source of problems and track changes over time; an adjunctive tool both prior to, during and post treatment. 

Used as 'another pair of eyes' a thermographic review may provide you with additional information and inform your treatment protocol with this 'whole horse view'. Like any good investigator you will be building a full and detailed view; one which your client can be involved in.

Advanced visual aid

This is a completely non-invasive tool which enables the therapist and practitioner to assess heat and cold areas relating to soft tissues and superficial bones. It provides the horse owner and equine professional with an advanced visual aid with which to locate heat, inflammation, tissue tone, cold, reduced blood circulation and some affected nerve functions. It can provide a visual aid in symmetrical and asymmetrical movement and postural patterns which can be detected through a variety of methods. It also allows the owner to be involved first hand with the treatment or service that you offer.


Treatment and Rehabilitation is a dynamic process

Responding to how the horse is responding to treatment is a dynamic process; one element informing the other. Demonstrating the progress that is being made is also of mutual benefit to both owner and therapist; the horse gets the most effective treatment and the owner, trainer and therapist makes better decisions about how to proceed. 

Hands-on or report based information

You can arrange for a Thermography session to occur before, or at the same time, as your treatment appointment; you can be involved hands-on or work off of reports and images. If imaging is done before your visit you will be supplied with a full set of thermographic images designed to suit your specific area of interest and which may or may not include a review of the whole horse. It is possible to include before and after treatment and/or before and after work and to have a report made available to you and the horse owner, either by hard copy print-outs or on computer file.


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Something to Whet Your Appetite!

For Body Workers:

An interesting phenomenon!


normal and very cold


 Thermography shows clearly cold spots that may have previously gone totally unnoticed. This parasympathetic nervous system dysfunction overly constricts the blood vessels.

This image on the right shows an aged horse which has a significantly swayed back. Pinched nerve roots may be indicated; the heat pattern radiates away from the spine    → 

Nerve irritation?


nerve root irritation?


For Farriers, Equine Podiatrists and Barefoot Trimmers:

Limb alignment to foot

note the left knee


Notice the effects of the alignment of the whole leg on the knee.


How would you tackle these four very different feet? 


Four very different feet.

four very different feet

Research and projects

Infrared Thermography may be a valuable way to assist you in research within your own field of expertise and for producing case studies, making a specific report for an individual horse or other. Please feel free to discuss these matters with us directly.


A highly visual medium for showing Case Studies and Research Projects

Show your clients what you do - visually!

Use Thermography to inform your treatment protocol.

Present your research for College or University courses.


Affiliate Projects

We are always keen to promote the health and welfare of horses. If you think that it would be mutually beneficial for you as a practitioner, and  in the interests of the horse and the owner, to include Equine Thermography as a tool which can enhance the service that you offer then we are always open to new projects and ideas to share and enjoy.


We work on the assumption that ALL Equine Therapists are working within the parameters of British Law with regards to 'The Veterinary Act' with the express adherence to not making any kind of medical diagnosis and that work is carried out alongside Veterinary Supervision where necessary. It is the individual practitioners responsibility to uphold this very strict measure which is in place to safeguard the welfare of all horses, ponies and other equines.