horse images thermography service with report for your vet, examination or purchase of equines

Price List 2017

Full Body Imaging

The Full Body Package is the basis of all thermal imaging. Nearly a hundred images are taken of all areas of the body from varying angles. This may include pre and post exercise according to the case in question.

Images taken will include: 

  • full body shots taken from each side
  • length of whole leg; front and back
  • lower legs; front, back and sides
  • view of back from tail-end and head-end
  • underside of feet
  • head
  • particular areas of interest with corresponding opposite side for comparison
  • area of interest post work (time allowing and within reason)

Service includes:

  • relevant images made available (transferred electronically)
  • written report identifying 'areas of interest' & history - if requested 


Veterinary Report not included:
  • Vet Report Highly recommended. 
Vet Report

Images and full history sent to Donna Harper DVM for diagnostic interpretation and report which can be for personal use and/or referral to your veterinarian.


Due to the variable exchange rate of the dollar and pound the rate will be charged according to the rate on the day of imaging.

Saddle Area - Extra

Images taken will include: 

  • pre and post view of the back
  • image of underside of saddle post work

Service includes:

  • relevant images made available
  • images provided
  • Written report if requested


Additional Costs
Travel Costs

Travel will be charged at 40p per mile from Godstone, Surrey. It can be shared amongst multiple destinations on the same day. Travel applies to every visit. 

Additional Time

Extra time required for further images taken for pre and post work is priced at £25.00 per 30 minute slot.        


Talks and Demonstrations can be organised for interested groups. Fun Activity Days can also be arranged for local Riding Clubs, The Pony Club, Colleges and Learning Centres. If you want to put on a particular project. learning situation or activity where Equine Thermography can illuminate or embellish your particular interest then please make contact and discuss your requirements.