equine infrared thermography and its practical and diagnostic uses for vets, farriers, owners, trainers working with horses

Professional Training Courses for discerning individuals who intend to provide a valuable service using veterinary infrared thermography (IRT) for the promotion of veterinary care for animals. Without excellent Veterinary Infrared Training your service will be detrimental rather than a blessing to clients. Knowledge of anatomy and physiology as well as camera operation, software use, preparation of the patient, the environment and good horsemanship name but a few of the skills necessary for veterinary infrared training. When well executed you are able to provide the quality service that clients deserve. We are in the business of providing professional veterinary infrared training in order for the client to be able to produce a quality Infrared Thermal Imaging examination of equines and other animals.

Professional Courses in Equine Thermography 2014

Further to our successful Basic and Advanced Training Courses in April & May 2011 and March 2012 we are delighted to announce again that Donna Harper DVM will be returning to England from the United States to provide training in Professional Equine Thermography. Donna Harper DVM has over twenty years experience in the field of Equine Thermal Imaging and is a leader and specialist in her field. Our joint aim is to provide a practical and sensible course which will enable you to become an excellent technician of thermal imaging and to support you in your training and learning. 

Further, there will be a presentation and demonstration of the latest camera equipment and software that have been designed specifically for use in horses and other animals; this is a big step forward for veterinary thermography.

For individuals who would like to offer a future service to clients.

For individuals working for the larger establishment and want a practical, useable and useful training package. 

For individuals who want continued support after their training.

Session 1: Basic Instruction In Veterinary Infrared Thermography

You do not need to be a veterinarian to attend this course

Dates: 11th - 15th April 2014: Basic 5 Day Course

This session will focus on how to choose and operate an appropriate infrared camera; applicable anatomy and physiology, how to prepare the patient and the environment for an infrared examination, proper patient positioning, artifact avoidance, etc. Both small and large animal models will be discussed. There are homework assignments each evening with discussion the following day. Extra attention is given to problem areas.

Day 1: Introduction to Animal Infrared Technology, Safety, Conformation, Anatomy.

Day 2: Environmental Considerations; Patient Preparation, Camera Information and Operation

Day 3: Patient Positioning; Lab and Image Interpretation

Day 4: Report Writing; Discussion and Course Summation/Questions, etc

Restricted Class Size 

Tuition Fee: £1999 for Basic Course 

Terms & Conditions of Payments: 

A deposit of £200.00 must be received by 14th March 2014 and the remainder of the full fees must be received by 31st March 2014. Late payment and/or registration incurs a further £150.00 charge.

In all cases the deposit is refundable less £7.00 up until the full payment is due on the 31st March 2014. After 31st March 2014 all fees are non-refundable.


Moulton College, Northants, UK

Session 2: Advanced Course: Clinical Application of Thermographic Principles

This course is for experienced Veterinary Thermographers only. You do not need to be a veterinarian to attend this course.

Dates: 18th -20th April 2014

This session is designed as a continuation of Session 1, however its focus is primarily on helping experienced veterinary thermographers improve their ability to produce high quality thermal images that are suitable for diagnostic use. Additionally, this session will incorporate opportunities to present and discuss clinical cases, review critical principles such as artifact detection, and taking a working field trip to a local equine facility. Persons with no previous training/experience in veterinary thermography should not take this course until they have taken Session 1.

Tentative Schedule:
Day 1:  AM - Review and discussion of Patient Preparation, Positioning, Environmental Considerations, etc
            PM - Lab presenting new physiology information and newest trend in camera equipment and software.
Day 2:  AM - Review of problem areas and discussion of participant's problem cases.
            PM - Morning session continued.
Day 3:  AM - Group Case Preparation
            PM - Group Case Preparation
Day 4:  AM - Working practises in the yard
            PM - Question, Answers, Evaluation of morning's imaging.
                  - Case Presentations, Discussion and Windup

Tuition Fee: £1250  

Terms & Conditions of Payments: 

A deposit of £200.00 must be received by 14th March 2014 and the remainder of the full fees must be received by 31st March 2014. Late payment and/or registration incurs a further £150.00 charge.


Moulton College, Northants, UK


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