horse images thermography service with report for your vet, examination or purchase of equines

Group Discounts means Big Savings!
Saddle Imaging


Big Discounts for Group Bookings!

1 - 2 Horses .... 45  each

3 - 5 Horses .... 40 each

6 - 7 Horses .... 35 each

8 +  Horses .... 30 each


Images taken will include: 

  • pre-view of horse's back
  • post view of the back after lunging with saddle
  • post view of underside of saddle after lunging with saddle
  • image of underside of back post ridden work
  • image of underside of saddle post ridden work

Service includes:

  • relevant images made available by email or CD, etc
  • up to 4 printed out images provided on the day of imaging

Printable brochure so you can show yard friends and colleagues

Extra Travel Costs

Outside of a radius of 10 miles from Guildford, travel will be charged at a rate of 30p per mile. This will be shared amongst the group participants and will work out to be a minimal charge. 

Extra Printed Images

Further wanted print-outs can be made available on the day and will cost 1.00 per print.


Talks and Demonstrations can be organised for interested groups. Fun Activity Days can also be arranged for local Riding Clubs, The Pony Club, Colleges and Learning Centres. If you want to put on a particular project. learning situation or activity where Equine Thermography can illuminate or embellish your particular interest then please make contact and discuss your requirements.