NBA 2019-20 will be back at… Disney World?

A clear and highly feasible plan has been put in place to bring the NBA 2019-20 season back to COVID-19.

If the NBA decides to return for the 2019-20 season, one of the top options now is to organize all matches in a single location.

The idea is to have all 30 teams (or 16 teams in the Playoffs round) isolated in the same city to avoid the spread of COVID-19. Afterwards, matches will be held at a designated gym.

NBA 2019-20 sẽ trở lại ở... Disney World?

Over the past several weeks, locations that have been mentioned include Las Vegas, Los Angeles or even the Bahamas. But according to share from the prestigious journalist Shams Charania, the NBA is considering an extremely interesting position: Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

Disney World is a famous entertainment, entertainment and resort complex. As for the Orlando version, this area is described as a miniature city with tens of thousands of rooms, sports stadiums with many basketball courts and is quite close to the Orlando Magic Club training facility.

NBA 2019-20 sẽ trở lại ở... Disney World?

Disney World-related ideas were first shared by Yahoo Sports journalist Keith Smith. As a former employee here, Mr. Smith understands the operation of this entertainment and resort complex.

Talking more about the advantages, Keith Smith shared that Disney World is ready for quarantine because it is a separate entertainment area. The football fields are also “television friendly” and are available for large-scale sports leagues like the NBA.

However, the challenge is still there. What prevents NBA from re-appearing at Disney World are a number of health-related barriers.

Commissioner Adam Silver shared that the tournament needs the first two conditions to return, that is the ability to test on a large scale (over 10,000 people) and the availability of facilities and medical staff at the venue.

Not only focusing on disease control and public health related to COVID-19, the medical team is also extremely necessary in the process of handling injuries and helping the players achieve their best condition first when playing again.

However, the Disney World plan this time is one of the most feasible options ever that the NBA is seriously considering. Rarely can it hold the entire staff of the entire NBA and not only that, Disney World also has enough human resources to support logistics for the tournament.

Legend of Ivan Lendl: GOAT tennis identified by Grand Slam

The eight-time Grand Slam champion, Ivan Lendl, believes that the title of GOAT (the greatest tennis player in history) must belong to Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal or Novak Djokovic.

Ivan Lendl – the Czech tennis legend who won the Grand Slam eight times – has just participated in the debate over who is GOAT (the greatest tennis player in history). According to him, in the Open Era, the GOAT of men’s tennis is a competition between Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic. That title will belong to the final winner of the most Grand Slam men’s singles championships.

Huyền thoại Ivan Lendl: GOAT tennis xác định bằng Grand Slam

The trio have been taking turns dominating the world tennis village over the past decade and sharing all 13 of the latest Grand Slam champions. About 39 years old in August 2020, Federer leads the Grand Slam men’s singles championship list with 20 times. Nadal followed closely 19 times. Next is Djokovic holding the No. 1 in the world with 17 laurels. However, Djokovic is currently the youngest of the Big 3 at the age of 32, 1 year younger than Nadal.

For a long time, when talking about GOAT tennis, from the BLV to the fans were based on many parameters such as the number of weeks in the world tennis rankings, the total number of titles won, the total number of Grand Slams or opposing achievements. direct head.

Huyền thoại Ivan Lendl: GOAT tennis xác định bằng Grand Slam

It was not until they retired that the race was completed. Then we can judge. The race is far from over. We have to see Roger as GOAT now, but the journey is not yet closed. It was a terrible race (because Djokovic and Nadal were younger and could play longer – PV) . “

Over the past few months, Djokovic has frequently complained about his fans supporting Federer and Nadal more when playing. Lendl said that public sentiment does not determine who is GOAT: “The most famous person is one thing, and the best person is not judged by the public.”

How is Barca prepared to bring in a partner for Messi?

Barca are close to bringing in Messi’s partner Lautaro Martinez in the summer with a viable proposal to Inter Milan.

Lautaro Martinez is getting closer to becoming a Barca player. He was the number one goal for the attack and therefore the Catalan club put all its efforts into negotiations with Inter.

The negotiations progressed to the point where there was a principle agreement between the two clubs. Accordingly, Martinez will come to Barca in exchange for 60 million euros and Inter receives 2 more players from the Nou Camp.

Barca chuẩn bị đem về đối tác cho Messi với đề nghị như thế nào?

The 22-year-old Argentine striker wants to go to Barca and has informed Inter’s leadership that his priority is to go to Spain.

The 22-year-old’s contract with Inter has a special provision: During the first 15 days of July, he was allowed to move to another club for a fee of 111 million euros.

That amount is quite reasonable for a big man in Europe, consistent with the quality and age of the player, but the COVID-19 pandemic caused all teams to adjust their shopping plans.

Barca is not willing to pay such money in the current situation when revenues from ticket sales, marketing, advertising, sponsorship… are still in danger of being seriously affected.

Barca chuẩn bị đem về đối tác cho Messi với đề nghị như thế nào?

In this new context, Barca and Inter have negotiated for Martinez for a lower fee of 60 million instead of the original 90 million euros.

Specifically, Barca will pay Inter 60 million euros in cash and the rest is paid by two players in the squad of coach Quique Setien.

Neither Barça nor Inter specify the names of the players, but there are names that are suitable for both sides. For example, Ivan Rakitic or Samuel Umtiti are examples of when they were both on the transfer market. The same thing happened to Arturo Vidal when Barca believed he was a good fit for Inter.

But in addition to these names there are some younger players like Carles Alena – currently on loan at Betis – or Semedo, who spent the third season at Barca.

How did Barca’s young talents fail at La Masia?

Barca’s La Masia youth academy has produced many talents for the world football village but there are many players who fail here.

Barca can be proud of the La Masia training furnace that has produced many of the best footballers in the world, such as Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, Busquets, Puyol, Guardiola. However, the famous academy Barca also has many cases of very unfortunate failures.

The most unfortunate case to mention is Mauro Icardi. The Argentinian striker was not given the opportunity to play in the first team, although no less talented than anyone. Icardi then moved to Sampdoria, before shining in Inter Milan and was only pushed to PSG because of a conflict with the coaching staff.

Các tài năng trẻ của Barca từng thất bại ở La Masia như thế nào?

While on loan at PSG, Icardi still showed the instinct of an assassin, scoring 20 goals in 28 appearances. Earlier, Icardi also contributed 124 goals in 219 matches with Inter Milan.

The case of Giovani dos Santos is different. The Mexican was named the new Ronaldinho and was given 37 chances to play for the first team Barca. However, Dos Santos’s career went downhill after leaving Barca. He made his trip to Tottenham at the age of 19, but was mostly on loan during nearly four seasons playing in England.

After that, Dos Santos wandered to Real Mallorca and Villarreal before moving to LA Galaxy when he was 26 years old. Last year, the 30-year-old returned to his homeland to wear Club America.

Oriol Romeu’s case is also very unfortunate. The tall Spanish midfielder who was highly regarded in La Masia never got first-team football because Barca already had Busquets. Later, Romeu trip to Chelsea and also failed, only stable when playing for the mid-range team Southampton.

Các tài năng trẻ của Barca từng thất bại ở La Masia như thế nào?

Jeffren Suarez’s story is even more tragic. The Venezuelan winger once shone at the Super Classic match against Real Madrid, but an injury that caused his career to fade so quickly.

Jeffren was forced to leave Barca and wander through Sporting Lisbon, Real Valladolid, Eupen, Grasshoppers, AEK Larnaca and now Slaven Belupo. No matter which club he is, Jeffren still can’t recover his form to help him score against Real Madrid.

Isaac Cuenca is another case of losing his future in Barca due to injury. After suffering a serious knee injury at the age of 22, Cuenca had to move to Ajax on loan and gradually disappeared on the European football map.

Meanwhile, the story of Adama Traore is in conflict with the Barca coaching staff, although the winger’s talent is highly appreciated. At the age of 19, Traore decided to look for opportunities in England and the reward is excellent performance in the Wolves shirt.

Some other unfortunate cases of the La Masia kiln include Marc Muniesa, Jonathan Soriano, or Gai Assulin. They are all talented players and may have shone at another club, instead of competing for first place with Barca’s star-studded squad.  

Alex Volkanovski is confident he can finish Max Holloway if he rematches

It seems that winning points at UFC 245 has not satisfied new king Alex Volkanovski.

Overcoming Max Holloway at UFC 245, Alexander Volkanovski is the closest boxer to succeed in this tournament. The clever, accurate style of play has helped the Australian boxer outperform “The Blessed” Holloway after 5 rounds.

But besides that, there is still the opinion that Max Holloway at UFC 245 has not yet shown its full potential. With the previous competing title, the rematch between the two boxers has also been mentioned.

With the mind of a champion, Alex Volkanovski now wants to organize a rematch in his native Australia. Because in the first match, he went to Las Vegas to compete and accomplish his goal. Now, Alex believes that home fans deserve a direct cheer for their champion.

“It was definitely the game I wanted to play in Australia, the biggest game of my life and I believe that this weight class is the same. I believe the Australian audience deserves a rematch. Max has been a great champion and I want to prove myself once more, in front of the crowd at home. ” – Volkanovski confirmed.

Defending champion Featherweight continued: “Max is a good fighter and of course I respect him. But I believe the chance to finish Max is possible if we meet again. Within 5 rounds, I will definitely step out and find a way to end Max Holloway. I know not many people can do that, so it will be like a declaration to the world. ”

With a record of 18-1 and maintaining a 17-match winning streak on the MMA floor (8 consecutive wins at UFC), Alexander Volkanovski is currently a highly rated new king in Featherweight. Comprehensive defense style on both skills Striking and Wrestling, Volkanovski has not revealed any weaknesses except for the opponent to exploit.

The belt shock at UFC 245 helped the fighter from Australia rise to 8th place in the Pound-for-Pound ranking of the strongest fighters in the tournament. And if Holloway can be defeated in the rematch, Alex Volkanovski will strengthen his position compared to rivals.

How does Arsenal clash with players over salary?

Arsenal players resolutely reject the proposal from the club, which faces a 12.5% ​​pay cut in one year.

Arsenal have a plan to reduce wages in one year if not win tickets to the Champions League next season. This is clearly shown by the club sending the 5-point plan to Hector Bellerin, the representative of Arsenal Professional Footballers Association.

Arsenal đụng độ với các cầu thủ về tiền lương như thế nào?

Accordingly, Arsenal players will have to reduce 7.5% of their salary if they only win tickets to the Europa League, which is combined with the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic causing huge financial losses.

In the absence of a ticket to attend any European tournament, the players are not refunded. It should be known that, “Gunners” is currently ranked 9 and inferior to the top 4 to 8 points.

Arsenal asked players to make a pay cut from this month until March 2021 after the proposal was sent over the weekend.

However, according to Mirror Sport, Arsenal players decided to reject the proposal knowing they would lose a significant sum if they were unable to attend the Champions League. Instead, they are only willing to discuss deferring wages to help the club.

Arsenal đụng độ với các cầu thủ về tiền lương như thế nào?

So far, neither side has reached any deal that causes tension. Even the board of directors decided to push up the salary cut even before knowing whether to suffer damage due to television royalties or not.

Arsenal proposals:

  • Cutting 12.5% ​​of wages for 12 months from April 2020 to March 2021.
  • The full amount will then be refunded if Arsenal wins a ticket to the Champions League.
  • If Arsenal does not win a ticket to the Champions League, the players are not refunded.
  • If Arsenal does not win a ticket to the Champions League, but to the Europa League, the cut will be 7.5%.
  • If the season does not end or Arsenal does not receive the full money from the TV stations, they will ask the players to find the next solution.

How many league titles does Man City have?

Man City only maintained the habit of the VD after being owned by the royal family of Abu Dhabi (UAE).

Man City accused Arsenal of being behind a harm plot in the European Cup.

Despite being the leading force in the country of fog, but City is not among the richest clubs in the field. The blue shirt team only really established their place in the Premier League after being owned by many potential Arab owners.

For the first time, Man City was the 1936/37 season, more than 40 years after the birth. However, even in the following season, they were relegated despite scoring more goals than any other team. Manchester City’s second league title came in the 1967/68 season, when they were led by Joe Mercer and Malcolm Allison.

After being owned by the Abu Dhabi royal family (UAE) in 2008, Man City with huge financial resources began to establish its dominance in the Premier League.

In less than a decade, Citizens won four Premier League titles, respectively in 2011/12, 2013/14, 2017/18 and 2018/19 seasons. Last season, despite fierce competition from Liverpool, but City still finished first, with 1 point more than the opponent.

In addition to 6 league titles, over a century of existence and development, the Green Man also won 6 FA Cups, 7 League Cups, 7 FA Community Shield. In the continental arena, they were once crowned in the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup (1969/70).

Some outstanding achievements of Man City

– First Division/Premier League (6): 1936/37, 1967/68, 2011/12, 2013/14, 2017/18, 2018/19.

– FA Cup (6): 1903/04, 1933/34, 1955/56, 1968/69, 2010/11, 2018/19.

– League Cup (7): 1969/70, 1975/76, 2013/14, 2015/16, 2017/18, 2018/19, 2019/20.

– FA Charity Shield / FA Community Shield (6): 1937, 1968, 1972, 2012, 2018, 2019.

– UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup (1): 1969/70

Man City information

Full name: Manchester City Football Club

Nickname: Citizens, Sky Blues, City

Established date: 1894

Stadium: Etihad (55,017 seats)

President: Khaldoon Al Mubarak

Trainer: Pep Guardiola