When the PGA Tour’s pitchers compete (Part 2)

Two seasons ago, Champ kept the top of the tee shot, but last season DeChambeau hit the “boss” thanks to the hard work of being a athlete. Their ball trajectories are two extremes.

Champ usually shot low, while DeChambeau shot high – in the style of “hanging moon” as he set himself.

Wolff has been with DeChambeau twice in the final round of the PGA Tour event in the past three months. On those two occasions, Wolff kept the top of the table and DeChambeau was second after 54 holes and focused on attacking far in tactics. However, DeChambeau won the championship, and Wolff finished second at both the Rocket Mortgage Classic and the US Open.

“Teaming up with Matthew and Cameron is fun and through that I am also amazed at the power of the current PGA Tour kicking. This will also be the future of top golf,” DeChambeau guessed.

At the end of the opening round, Shriners Open, DeChambeau decided to practice more because he found the ball was not good. But before this, he had to finish two arisen things including random drug tests and excuse his colleague Chesson Hadley.

Before that, Hadley went to green hole 7, par4 and about to putt 0.9 meters to keep par. This hole turns sharply on the left. At that time, from the top of the hole, DeChambeau cut the corner so the ball entered the rough grass on the right and hit the green, right behind Hadley. With this shot, DeChambeau was the first to “1 on” hole 7 since 2003, when the PGA Tour started implementing the ShotLink system to record expertise.

“I feel sorry in hole 7 even though I didn’t know them on the green. I timed the holes before, so I thought they were done. I had to meet Chesson to apologize,” DeChambeau said.

But Hadley was not too concerned about that. “I’m glad I putt at the time. If I fail it’s all at Bryson,” Hadley joked.

When the PGA Tour’s pitchers compete (Part 1)

Bryson DeChambeau, Cameron Champ and Matthew Wolff played a long shot while the same group played in the first two Shriners Open in Las Vegas this week.

Last PGA Tour season, DeChambeau topped the pitch, averaging 322.1 yards, Champ ranked second with 322 yards and Wolff at 311.6 yards, making it ninth.

The opening round of Shriners Open on October 8, Champ hit the driver’s head very strongly in hole 9, par5, 569 yards long. “There! I got that much, Bryson,” said the 1995-born player, then touched his fist with DeChambeau.

“Yes, the ball will roll more,” DeChambeau, born in 1993, commented with a sarcastic expression and the two chuckled.

On the 9th fairway, DeChambeau’s ball is 353 yards, and Champ is more than four yards away (one yard equals 0.9 meters). Between them was Wolff’s shadow. All three are competing against each other and using their power to take advantage of the TPC Summerlin, par71 pitch.

During the first round, the PGA Tour “tackling expert” team played 28 shots over 300 yards. But DeChambeau was far more efficient. Both distance and accuracy, the new US Open champion stood before five ealge chances in three par5 and two par4 holes, but in the end he only scored a birdie.

“That’s the strength advantage in today’s top golf,” says DeChambeau. “Even if I don’t take all the chances, I believe long range shots are going to score well. The proof I got those five birdies and that makes the round easier to breathe. And this course alone, I think hitting The four-stick sound is common, while the one or two sounds have the feeling that I’m over par “.

Professional statistics show that DeChambeau hit 11 of the 14 fairways, went green according to the standard of 16 in 18 holes and used 29 putt for the whole round of 62 strokes. He kept the top of group -9 after the first 18 holes, while Champ hit 67 and Wolff 68, both in the middle of the table.

Despite fighting many holes, Champ focused on the driver at the end of the round. “I played well but at that hole I wanted to try to beat Bryson,” he said. “His flight path is farther than me, maybe about 20 yards. But when I hit the ground I roll farther. That’s the difference.”

Also contacting the media nearby, DeChambeau overheard and counterattacked: “Me and him more than lose back and forth a few times. The next day I will hit harder”.

Signs of fatigue began to appear, LeBron James is old? (Part 1)

Perhaps this is the first time fans have felt the signs of the age of LeBron James, who has played 17 seasons in the NBA with a great number of minutes.

In NBA history, LeBron James has been the owner of many great achievements and unique records. But if we talk about statistics, LeBron has a number that is always at the top compared to other leading stars.

That is the number of minutes played. As of today, he has played a total of 10,496 minutes in the Playoffs.

Taking these minutes and James’ activity level per average player, this equates to three seasons plus the 17 regular seasons that LeBron has played in.

Every Playoffs round, LeBron approaches 40 minutes per match. In stressful matches, his 40-45 minute pitch is almost certain to happen.

This makes sense for many reasons. The first is the great fitness of LeBron James, who is always regarded as a “superman”, one of the strongest and most resilient athletes in the NBA.

In his career, LeBron has had 4 Playoffs without stopping for a single second, playing the full 48 minutes. The last time came in 2018 when he was 33 years old, playing for Cleveland Cavaliers.

However, “superman” also has a tiring day. The number of minutes played by James in Game 3 was just 37. During LeBron’s time on the field, the Lakers were 2 points higher than the Nuggets. But the whole game, LA lost 8 points to Denver.

It is these 10 differences that are the loophole that the Los Angeles Lakers are being fully exploited. And this is the “trick” that Denver Nuggets have learned very carefully from the Golden State Warriors.

In NBA Finals 2017, LeBron sat out for a total of 28 minutes. Taking advantage of that, the Warriors surpass the Cavaliers with 27 points earned.

LeBron James was too important to be pulled off the pitch. Every time he got on the bench, his team was affected. In the past, the “king” might not need too much rest.

But now, he has to go out quite a few times to recover physically.

Kobe’s mother-in-law accused of being mistreated, Vanessa Bryant responded in pain

Months after Kobe Bryant’s heartbreaking death, his family problems continued to be exposed by the people involved.

Sofia Laine, mother-in-law of the late Kobe Bryant, recently appeared in a special interview for the Spanish channel Univision. In front of the camera, she wiped her tears, claiming she was mistreated, was kicked out of the house, and claimed her car.

Almost immediately Vanessa Bryant posted a forum in response to her mother: “My husband and daughter died unexpectedly, yet my mother was brave enough to do a television interview and take the words. Negative for my husband and I She was crying over a house and a car that was not in her name.

In that room, she had put away all her diamond jewelry, cleaned up like me and her husband abandoned her. My husband has been financially supporting her for the past 20 years, besides alimony we have spent a lot of money on her.

After my husband and daughter passed away, she never questioned or supported me and the children. Now I understand what is most important to my mother, it is more than the pain. I hope that everything that unfolds about our personal relationship ends here, “Vanessa Bryant responded to her mother’s statements.

Sofia Laine has two daughters, of which Vanessa is the youngest and an older sister 10 years older than her. When Vanessa was a child, she watched her parents divorce and her biological father moved to Mexico.

In 1990, when Vanessa was 8 years old, she watched her mother remarry to a man 8 years younger than her mother. They stayed together until they divorced in 2002. Since then, Sofia Laine and her two daughters had a lot of financial difficulties until Kobe Bryant appeared and provided maximum economic support.

Sofia Laine is quite close with her son-in-law, the last NBA match and Kobe Bryant’s shirt hanging ceremony all featured mother-in-law. However, since the legendary Lakers passed away, things have gone from bad to worse.

Man Utd the Crystal Palace battle in the second round of the Premier League

Man Utd opened the 2020-2021 season with the reception of Crystal Palace. The difference between the “Red Devils” last season and now is the presence of Donny van de Beek.

The Dutch midfielder, Man Utd’s only new contract so far, can be kicked in this match as Fernandes has just returned to training shortly.

Van de Beek showed, for the first time in a friendly against Aston Villa, Man Utd, the quality of a midfielder moving smart and able to deliver timing-precise passes. He will be a quality backup for Fernandes – who is now considered the breath of Man Utd’s play after what was shown at the end of last season.

Moreover, whether Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is able to arrange a strategy with room for both Fernandes and Van de Beek is also worth the wait. In addition, he also owns Paul Pogba – a player who can kick the anchor midfield with the ability to pass the ball, dispute and discipline as shown in the World Cup. If Man Utd can combine all three, they will have one of the most watched midfielders.

Arsenal – West Ham: Sunday, September 20, 2:00 p.m.

Ignoring the tempting offers, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has finally put pen to paper on a new contract with Arsenal. West Ham will be the ideal opponent for the Gabon striker to celebrate the occasion with the lax defense that David Moyes’s army showed in the 0-2 defeat to Newcastle.

This is also an opportunity for Arsenal to extend a series of sublimation days from the summer, but the inspiration for that is none other than Mikel Arteta. Winning six points after the opening two games would be a strong start to the Gunners.

West Ham made it difficult for Arsenal in their last game before the Premier League postponement due to Covid-19 in March. At that time, they unfortunately lost by the goal of Alexandre Lacazette. But after a summer without strengthening, few people are optimistic enough to believe that Moyes teachers and students are enough to surprise this weekend.

The NBA is about to have its first female head coach?

Indiana Pacers are looking for a new captain to replace Nate McMillan and one of the candidates to replace is Becky Hammon.

After Indiana Pacers was eliminated by the Miami Heat in the first round of the Playoffs with a score of 4-0, the team leaders made a shocking decision when he fired head coach Nate McMillan. They are speeding up the process of finding a replacement, and one of the top candidates for the hot seat is Becky Hammon. If Hammon receives trust at the Bankers Life Fieldhouse, she will become the first female head coach in the NBA.

Rebecca Lynn “Becky” Hammon is a former Russian American WNBA player. Although not selected in the 1999 Draft period, the defender rose to become one of the top stars of the tournament, has 6 times entered the All-star team and was elected to the top 15 greatest players in history.

On August 5, 2014, Becky Hammon made history when he was appointed to the San Antonio Spurs coaching staff, becoming the first female full-time assistant coach of the four largest sports in America. In 2015, she was Spurs’ head coach in the Summer League and won the Championship in Las Vegas.

The 43-year-old woman’s coaching capacity receives the respect of many coaches and players in the NBA. She is expected to become the first female head coach in the history of the American professional basketball tournament.

To become captain of Indiana Pacers, Hammon will have to beat Dave Joerger, former head coach of Memphis Grizzlies and Sacramento Kings. Pacers will interview about 12 candidates in the first round, including legendary player Chauncey Billups, but Hammon and Joerger are the heaviest names.

Joerger is also a remarkable strategist. He is highly regarded for his modern, high-paced gameplay centered around De’Aaron Fox in Sacramento. However, conflict with the leadership caused the 2007 D-League Champion to leave last summer. This is the problem that the 46-year-old strategist has in any team.

Man City will only sign a short-term contract with Messi

Instead of a 5-year contract, the Etihad home team can only sign Lionel Messi a much shorter-term contract in the summer 2020 transfer market.

Messi is likely to move to Man City in the summer 2020 transfer market after the 33-year-old superstar expressed his determination to leave Barca as well as had negotiations with the Etihad home team.

On Monday, many European newspapers reported that Man City will provide Messi with a 5-year contract with a salary of £ 450 million. That means El Pulga will play for the English club until the age of 38. However, in the latest development, Cadena Ser announced that Man City will only sign a short-term contract with the 33-year-old superstar.

Specifically, the Spanish news agency said Man City is planning to sign a 2-year contract with Messi, possibly with a term of extension for another year. The Spanish news agency also revealed that Man City’s football director Txiki Begiristain was in Barcelona trying to reach an agreement to bring Messi to England.

With Messi 33 years old this year, signing a contract with a maximum term of 3 years is reasonable for both parties. However, before being able to work directly with the Argentinian superstar, Man City is still waiting for the signals from Barcelona.

The Catalan team maintains the stance on Messi’s contract. Accordingly, the Argentine superstar can only leave Barca if he pays 700 million euros to break the contract. While in the opposite direction, Messi no longer considers himself a Barca person after the fax he sent to the team leaders on August 26.

It was expected that on Wednesday, September 2, Messi’s father and representative would work with Barca chairman Bartomeu to negotiate the deal.

Above is all of the information related to Messi’s transfer in the past week. For more updates on sports all over the world, stay tuned for our upcoming articles. Thanks for reading!

Four strikes in NBA history: From a few hours to six months of paralysis

NBA 2019-20 is at risk of breaking, the history of the tournament has seen 4 times the players go on strike to claim rights.

NBA history has never seen a season with more volatility than this year. After a 5-month delay due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the NBA, with its huge efforts, brought the tournament back to Orlando.

However, the efforts of the organizers are at risk of being dumped into the river into the sea. Questions related to the human rights protection story directly affect the tournament.

Although the NBA has no fault, many players are trying to go on strike to express their views. In fact, the history of the NBA has seen four strikes, including at times the tournament was paralyzed for half a year.


Right after the NBA Draft event ended on June 28, the first strike in NBA history took place from July 1 to September 12, 1995. 

The NBA had to go into the water with a newly signed collective salary agreement, which allowed the teams to expand their salaries and the players to increase their income.

The salary limit of the rookie has also been increased, in addition to the sharing of tournament revenue are also the benefits that the team and players receive after the strike.

The 1995-96 NBA season therefore also took place a few weeks later than expected, but this strike had little impact on tournament timing.


Just a year after the first strike, the NBA players’ association announced a strike on July 10, 1996. The reason comes from the television copyright package profit of 50 million USD.

The NBA has agreed to share 50% of this package, but the number is not enough for the “workers” side to satisfy. The organizers then decided to spend an additional $ 14 million on the football cap of the teams. So the second strike in NBA history ended in just a few hours!

1998-99 season

In March 1998, the owners of the team decided to reopen the collective salary agreement, with two main elements: changing the salary limit system and the salary ceiling for each player. 

This rule is considered to seriously affect a player’s income level. Immediately the players’ association protested, demanding to cancel the above regulations and increase the minimum wage.

When the two sides could not find a common voice, the NBA was completely paralyzed for six months from July 1, 1998 to January 20, 1999. The 1998-99 season therefore took place four months later and each team had only 50 group stage matches. As a result, the TV ratings and ticket sales of the NBA dropped on record.

The 2011-12 season

Not going as 6 months as before, the NBA player strike from July 1 to December 8, 2011, reduced a team’s 82 group stage games to 66 games.

Team owners want a redistribution of income outside of the NBA (BRI for short). Instead of 57% of players – 43% of the team, bosses want a new number of 47% of players – 53% of the team.

By the end of November, the NBA has successfully settled the number of 49 to 51.2% for the team, after which the season is completed.

The 2019-20 season?

Not sure about the current players’ decision to quit, but if that comes true this is the first time the NBA has failed to complete a season.

A lot of negative consequences will happen if the 2019-20 season ends soon, advertising contracts, television plus the recession coming from the COVID-19 pandemic will cause the NBA to face a real crisis!

Play-in Tournament format and schedule for NBA Playoffs ticket competition

The Portland Trail Blazers and the Memphis Grizzlies will be taking on each other in this weekend’s NBA Playoffs salvage series.

What is Play-in Tournament?

Because the tournament was postponed because of COVID-19, NBA organizers met and made adjustments to the Playoffs competition. After the teams have completed the last 8 matches of the main season, in the event that the 8th and 9th ranked teams have less than 4 games gap, they will have to fight for a ticket to gain access to the Playoffs.

In the East, Washington Wizards not only could not close the gap but also dropped to 10th on the rankings. The 9th place team, the Charlotte Hornets, has a gap of up to 5.5 games from the top 8. Therefore, Orlando Magic will go straight to the Playoffs.

In the West, the Portland Trail Blazers has a 35-39 record at the close of the main season and is in eighth place. Right behind them is the Memphis Grizzlies with 0.5 games less (34-39). These two teams will compete in the Play-in Tournament this weekend.

Play-in Tournament format

In the Play-in Tournament, teams will play 2 matches. The team ranked 8 is considered to have a 1-0 lead and only needs to win one more game to win tickets. Meanwhile, the team ranked 9th will be forced to win all 2 games. Compared to the rankings, Memphis Grizzlies will be forced to beat Portland Trail Blazers in both matches this weekend.

Play-in Tournament Schedule

Portland and Memphis get a two-day break before getting into the ticket-fighting games. They will face off on the morning of August 16 (Vietnam time) at game 1. If Memphis wins, the two teams will be pitted again around 24 hours later. At the end of the Play-in Tournament, the winning team will meet 1st seed LA Lakers on the morning of August 19.

McGregor super rich earn $ 32 million per minute, more than CR7

Not only good at making money, Conor McGregor also made public opinion “round eyes wide” with the ability to spend money no one

Recently, The Sun (England) revealed that Conor McGregor is the “top” money-making player in the sports industry in the past year if counted in minutes of competition. “Crazy guy” UFC pocketed $ 32 million just thanks to a match lasting 40 seconds and defeated rival Donald Cerrone (January 18).

Even if he plays for 1 minute, the amount he earn can reach 48 million USD (more than 1,100 billion VND / 1 minute), 2,285 times more than soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo (Ronaldo earns 21,000 USD per minute, equivalent to 489 million). Saying that to see, the Irish boxer really deserves the title “money printing machine”, despite the mess of private life and 3 times his retirement from the UFC career!

According to data from Forbes, McGregor’s net worth in 2020 is about $ 120 million, ranking 53 on the list of the 100 richest celebrities in the world and 16th on the list of “swordfish” athletes. 

Throughout his career, McGregor attended countless games with huge commercial appeal, bringing in a huge source of income. It can be mentioned that the UFC light championship title match with Khabib Nurmagomedov (October 2018) helped “The Crazy Guy” pocket more than $ 50 million. The most memorable is definitely the classic glove with Floyd Mayweather (October 2017) – the event attracted 4.3 million TV viewers and $ 85 million poured into McGregor’s account.

Conor McGregor LA

In 2020, McGregor earns $ 48 million, including $ 32 million in martial arts income (against Donald Cerrone), $ 16 million from being a brand ambassador for gaming, fast food, and sports equipment. , headphones, … Currently, “The Crazy Guy” is promoting the development of fashion brand, fitness center and especially its own whiskey brand named Proper No. Twelve.

Last year, the public was shocked when McGregor announced this “brainchild” brought in sales of more than $ 1 billion (although the information has not been confirmed)!

No one can spend money

To make a lot of money, McGregor also shows no equal level of spending. In 2019, “The Crazy Man” spends $ 2 million to buy a villa in Dublin (Ireland), not to mention 2 real estate in Las Vegas (USA) and Marbella (Spain). He also has a passion for luxury hobbies such as collecting clothes, super cars, watches, yachts, …

According to the press, the number of supercars is up to nearly a dozen of McGregor’s, worth about $ 3.3 million. Last Christmas season, Dee Devlin’s girlfriend was given a Lamborghini $ 200,000 by “Crazy Guy”.

A follower of watches, on his 32nd birthday (July 14), McGregor decided to reward himself with a $ 650,000 watch. According to the word “Crazy Guy”, he has about 12 watches with a total value of millions of dollars. 

The biggest asset that McGregor has ever spent money to own is the super yacht The Prestige 750, named “The Clown” as Muhammad Ali (after the American boxing legend) worth $ 4 million. Before that, McGregor also bought a boat called The 188.

McGregor has never publicly bought an airplane, but through the images and videos that were passed on by the media, it can be seen that “The Crazy Guy” often travels with family or friends on private jet. According to Lux, this jet is just “borrowed” but it is no different from the ownership of “The Crazy Guy” with dense usage frequency.