Ronaldo leveled Messi’s record

The strike against Ferencvarosi this morning helped the Portuguese legend level Lionel Messi’s record for goals scored at home in the Champions League.

Early this morning, Juventus welcomed rival Ferencvarosi in the framework of the fourth match of Group G Champions League 2020/2021.

Right in the 19th minute, goalkeeper Szczesny had to go into the net to pick up the ball after a methodical attack arrangement from the guests. Although they actively pushed up the squad in the following minutes, coach Pirlo’s army still proved to be deadlocked by Ferencvarosi’s crowded defensive play.

Everything just returned to the starting line with the shine of a familiar name, Cristiano Ronaldo. 35 minutes, from Cuadrado’s pass, the Portuguese superstar has a technical phase to overcome the block of two opponent players before launching a left-footed shot from outside the box. the equalizer for Juve. In the second minute of the match, Alvaro Morata brought the decisive goal and helped the champions of Serie A win tickets to play in the eighth round.

On the day Juve officially won the right to play in the Knock-out Champions League round of 2020/2021, one match early, Cristiano Ronaldo was personally honored. Specifically, the super product that the 35-year-old striker scored this morning is the 70th time he recorded his name on the scoreboard when he played at home in Europe’s most prestigious arena, thereby leveling the achievement that Lionel Lionel Messi holds. More noteworthy as this is CR7’s first Champions League match this season when he had to miss two previous matches due to a Covid-19 positive. In addition, Ronaldo has also reached 15 consecutive seasons to score in this arena, less than the record of rival Messi 1 season.

According to statistics, Cristiano Ronaldo has a total of 131 goals after 172 Champions League appearances. The contemporary Portuguese football legend is still sitting at number 1 on the list of the greatest strikers in this playground, 13 goals behind Lionel Messi.

Steven Adams landed in New Orleans Pelicans

On Monday morning, the NBA transfer market opens, midfielder Steven Adams has found a new stop for the 2020/21 season.

On the morning of November 21 (local time), prestigious journalists simultaneously reported that Steven Adams would move to New Orleans Pelicans. In the opposite direction, the Oklahoma City Thunder will have more drafts in the future. One of them was the 2023 1st round pick, which was swapped by Denver Nuggets for the Pelicans to win the RJ Hampton option at this year’s Draft.

This is the third biggest star to bid farewell to Chesapeake Arena in this year’s transfer window. Before that, both Chris Paul and Dennis Schroder were pushed by OKC according to the team’s reconstruction plan. Chief Executive Sam Presti’s strategy is to collect as many picks as possible from drafts and build a lineup over the years.

Steven Adams is not part of OKC Thunder’s future plans. Adams was selected by OKC Thunder in the 12th round of Draft 2013 and spent seven years of his NBA career here. Last season, the New Zealand striker played 63 games, averaging 10.9 points, 9.3 rebounds, 2.3 assists. His statistics are somewhat reduced, but he still attracts the attention of many teams thanks to his strength, rebound ability and unselfish play. Adams has 1 year contract with a salary of 27 million USD.

The arrival of the New Zealand striker will thicken the area under the New Orleans Pelicans basket, thereby sharing the burden with the Zion Williamson gemstone. Adams will certainly be a worthy replacement for Derrick Favors, who recently returned to Utah Jazz.

Aside from Al Horford and Shai-Gilgeous Alexander, Thunder’s current roster does not have any notable names. Before that, they received the Ricky Rubio, Kelly Oubre Jr. or Danny Green from the deals, but the names quickly parted the team with other exchanges.

Pogba wants to put pressure on coach Solskjaer (Part 2)

Worth mentioning that, MU without Pogba played very well, creating a balance in both defense and attack.

Meanwhile, in the bitter defeat at the hands of Arsenal recently, “Solsa” tried to combine both Pogba and Bruno Fernandes in a squad. But clearly this combination did not produce the expected results.

How to restore superstar position?

Remember after the game against PSG, Pogba accepted the scene where he had to sit on the bench: “It was prepared for me to come on the bench. The team was well prepared for this match. We know that. They were very strong in terms of attack, and we had to stop that. “

However, according to the Daily Mail, after the third consecutive substitute match, Pogba became impatient. This is a “secret” period because MU wants to persuade Pogba to continue to extend the contract. Previously, the Old Trafford team activated a clause to renew the contract for an additional year, to June 2022.

But the elite “Red Devils” want Pogba to commit to a longer contract. Super-stork Mino Raiola used that to put pressure on coach Solskjaer as well as the MU leadership, bringing Pogba back to the starting lineup. But how bad this return was, of course everyone knows.

In the past period, Paul Pogba played without satisfaction because his superstar role at MU declined, since Bruno Fernandes joined the “Red Devils”. Instead of playing free football, the 2018 World Cup champions now have to step back, ceding the scope of activity in front of the restricted area to Bruno. For Pogba personally, this will significantly destroy creativity.

But from the match with Arsenal, maybe coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer needs to make heavier decisions with Paul Pogba. Continue to put the player back on the bench, build a system in which Pogba must directly compete with other employees and only enter the pitch when it is worthy of necessity for MU. Pogba’s superstar status at Old Trafford is about to be ruled out.

Pogba wants to put pressure on coach Solskjaer (Part 1)

After a period of sitting on the bench, Paul Pogba gradually returned to the MU main team. Unfortunately, in the last great battle with Arsenal, the 2018 World Cup champion caused great harm.

Never before has Paul Pogba’s career “sunk” like this time. Losing the leading star position in the middle of the MU line to Bruno Fernandes, this French midfielder also turned himself into a villain in the eyes of fans with hard-to-forgive mistakes, such as situations leading to The penalty caused MU to lose to Arsenal recently.

This is clearly not the period when Paul Pogba is in good form. From MU to France, this player had to sit on the bench. At MU, the total number of minutes played by this player in 3 matches against Newcastle, PSG and Chelsea is 76 minutes. When France Tel met Croatia on October 14, Pogba also entered the field in the 74th minute.

Paul Pogba’s return to the main squad in a 5-0 win over Leipzig was not bad. He had a clever way to play Mason Greenwood down the delicate finish, opening a sumptuous goal party at Old Trafford. But all, the foul tack with Hector Bellerin erased all previous attempts of “Pogboom”.

In the past period, coach Solskjaer decided to use a two-midfield interception scheme, to minimize the opponent’s attack power. A 2-1 win at PSG is an example. To serve this tactical intention, “Solsa” was forced to eliminate Pogba and use the Fred – McTominay couple.

Coach Solskjaer personally explained for this decision. The Norwegian military leader insisted that he eliminated Pogba because the player lacked stability compared to Fred and McTominay, regardless of the level of the French midfielder.

The Daily Mail quoted the captain MU: “They are in better shape right now, they are quality players and have played well against Newcastle. They laid the foundation for victory over Newcastle and PSG also. like a positive result for Chelsea”.

Pochettino lost patience with MU – Real

Coach Mauricio Pochettino is still unemployed after being sacked by Tottenham in November last year. The Argentinian strategist is expected to soon come to a big team in the Premier League.

Recently, former Tottenham midfielder Jan Vertonghen has confirmed that old teacher Mauricio Pochettino will soon come to a large team in Europe, especially the Premier League when the unemployment period is quite long.

After being sacked by Tottenham in November 2019, coach Pochettino has been contacted by many top clubs such as Real Madrid or Manchester United. However, the agreements are still only in the plan because both teams have not yet made any decisions regarding the steering bench.

With Real Madrid, coach Zinedine Zidane is no longer able to retain his image as in the previous period. The reunion of the French strategist with the Spanish royal team no longer helps Real “transform” as expected. Instead, despite winning the throne in La Liga last season, Real still could not find the image of a former European king in the Champions League this season.

At MU, the future of coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is always a hot topic of the British press whenever “Red Devils” have to receive adverse results. However, the Norwegian captain still receives great credit from the team leaders. This is reflected in the fact that Vice President Ed Woodward repeatedly publicly supports Solskjaer in his current role.

According to Vertonghen, it is the constant use of Real and MU that can make coach Pochettino feel impatient. Although he did not mention any club names in England, but the Belgian star’s comment meant that the old teacher might take a new job in the land of fog.

“I think being coach in the Premier League is the best thing for Pochettino right now. I guess he’ll always want to coach a big team here. If you look at the big teams in the Premier League, there will be only one. Two or three options at the moment I won’t name the teams out of respect for the current coaches, but I think he is also defining the next stops in his career. “- former Tottenham midfielder added.

“If I were him, I would lose patience because of the love of my job. You waited so long and you need to go back to the coaching cabin. Man United or Real Madrid may have taken too long. time to make a decision and they may regret the delay, “concluded Vertonghen.

Although Vertonghen did not directly point out a new station, Vertonghen may be referring to Man City, where coach Pep Guardiola is likely to return next year. In the latest development, the heavyweight candidate for Barca president, Victor Font, invited the Spanish strategist to persuade Pep Guardiola to reunite the Nou Camp team.

If this deal is successful, the coaching seat at Manchester City may be able to welcome a new name, none other than Mauricio Pochettino.

Arsenal knocked out Ozil probably because of China

Mesut Ozil appears to have been eliminated from the Premier League and Europa League listings by coach Mikel Arteta because of Arsenal’s commercial interests in China.

According to the Daily Mail (UK), the source of the attack was Ozil’s criticism of the Muslim community on December 13, 2019. He said the Muslim community was silent about the Chinese persecution of the Uighurs in Xinjiang. Ozil is German of Turkish descent, and is also a Muslim.

Three days later, China’s CCTV channel canceled the broadcast of the Arsenal and Man City match without giving a reason. Arsenal then released a statement confirming Ozil’s actions were completely personal and unrelated to the club.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Canh Shuang condemned Ozil, claiming he was deceived by fake news. The midfielder in 1988 was removed from the Chinese game Pro Evolution Soccer, while his Weibo account with more than four million followers was also closed.

Daily Mail sources said, Ozil did not directly mention but knew that Arsenal’s recent decision was to protect commercial interests in the Chinese market. He wrote on his personal page on October 21, the day after receiving news of being removed from the Premier League registration: “When I renew my 2018 contract, I always pledge my loyalty to the club, which I love, Arsenal But sadly that has not been reciprocated. However, I can promise you that this decision will not shake my mind. I will always train as hard as possible and use their influence to restore justice and fight inhumanity.”

China is a lucrative market for English Premier League clubs, including Arsenal. Here, the club owns a chain of restaurants, as well as partners with lottery firms, providing transportation, etc.

However, they did not admit this, and insisted that the decision to remove Ozil was purely professional. Coach Mikel Arteta said: “Here everyone has the right to speak their feelings. I feel very gentle when making the above decision. I have always been very fair with Ozil and the frequency of communication between me and you. I have been brought here to help the team win, win trophies and achieve short, medium and long term goals If I believe that Ozil can contribute more to the club then he Absolutely the same opportunity as anyoneā€¯.

When the PGA Tour’s pitchers compete (Part 2)

Two seasons ago, Champ kept the top of the tee shot, but last season DeChambeau hit the “boss” thanks to the hard work of being a athlete. Their ball trajectories are two extremes.

Champ usually shot low, while DeChambeau shot high – in the style of “hanging moon” as he set himself.

Wolff has been with DeChambeau twice in the final round of the PGA Tour event in the past three months. On those two occasions, Wolff kept the top of the table and DeChambeau was second after 54 holes and focused on attacking far in tactics. However, DeChambeau won the championship, and Wolff finished second at both the Rocket Mortgage Classic and the US Open.

“Teaming up with Matthew and Cameron is fun and through that I am also amazed at the power of the current PGA Tour kicking. This will also be the future of top golf,” DeChambeau guessed.

At the end of the opening round, Shriners Open, DeChambeau decided to practice more because he found the ball was not good. But before this, he had to finish two arisen things including random drug tests and excuse his colleague Chesson Hadley.

Before that, Hadley went to green hole 7, par4 and about to putt 0.9 meters to keep par. This hole turns sharply on the left. At that time, from the top of the hole, DeChambeau cut the corner so the ball entered the rough grass on the right and hit the green, right behind Hadley. With this shot, DeChambeau was the first to “1 on” hole 7 since 2003, when the PGA Tour started implementing the ShotLink system to record expertise.

“I feel sorry in hole 7 even though I didn’t know them on the green. I timed the holes before, so I thought they were done. I had to meet Chesson to apologize,” DeChambeau said.

But Hadley was not too concerned about that. “I’m glad I putt at the time. If I fail it’s all at Bryson,” Hadley joked.

When the PGA Tour’s pitchers compete (Part 1)

Bryson DeChambeau, Cameron Champ and Matthew Wolff played a long shot while the same group played in the first two Shriners Open in Las Vegas this week.

Last PGA Tour season, DeChambeau topped the pitch, averaging 322.1 yards, Champ ranked second with 322 yards and Wolff at 311.6 yards, making it ninth.

The opening round of Shriners Open on October 8, Champ hit the driver’s head very strongly in hole 9, par5, 569 yards long. “There! I got that much, Bryson,” said the 1995-born player, then touched his fist with DeChambeau.

“Yes, the ball will roll more,” DeChambeau, born in 1993, commented with a sarcastic expression and the two chuckled.

On the 9th fairway, DeChambeau’s ball is 353 yards, and Champ is more than four yards away (one yard equals 0.9 meters). Between them was Wolff’s shadow. All three are competing against each other and using their power to take advantage of the TPC Summerlin, par71 pitch.

During the first round, the PGA Tour “tackling expert” team played 28 shots over 300 yards. But DeChambeau was far more efficient. Both distance and accuracy, the new US Open champion stood before five ealge chances in three par5 and two par4 holes, but in the end he only scored a birdie.

“That’s the strength advantage in today’s top golf,” says DeChambeau. “Even if I don’t take all the chances, I believe long range shots are going to score well. The proof I got those five birdies and that makes the round easier to breathe. And this course alone, I think hitting The four-stick sound is common, while the one or two sounds have the feeling that I’m over par “.

Professional statistics show that DeChambeau hit 11 of the 14 fairways, went green according to the standard of 16 in 18 holes and used 29 putt for the whole round of 62 strokes. He kept the top of group -9 after the first 18 holes, while Champ hit 67 and Wolff 68, both in the middle of the table.

Despite fighting many holes, Champ focused on the driver at the end of the round. “I played well but at that hole I wanted to try to beat Bryson,” he said. “His flight path is farther than me, maybe about 20 yards. But when I hit the ground I roll farther. That’s the difference.”

Also contacting the media nearby, DeChambeau overheard and counterattacked: “Me and him more than lose back and forth a few times. The next day I will hit harder”.

Signs of fatigue began to appear, LeBron James is old? (Part 1)

Perhaps this is the first time fans have felt the signs of the age of LeBron James, who has played 17 seasons in the NBA with a great number of minutes.

In NBA history, LeBron James has been the owner of many great achievements and unique records. But if we talk about statistics, LeBron has a number that is always at the top compared to other leading stars.

That is the number of minutes played. As of today, he has played a total of 10,496 minutes in the Playoffs.

Taking these minutes and James’ activity level per average player, this equates to three seasons plus the 17 regular seasons that LeBron has played in.

Every Playoffs round, LeBron approaches 40 minutes per match. In stressful matches, his 40-45 minute pitch is almost certain to happen.

This makes sense for many reasons. The first is the great fitness of LeBron James, who is always regarded as a “superman”, one of the strongest and most resilient athletes in the NBA.

In his career, LeBron has had 4 Playoffs without stopping for a single second, playing the full 48 minutes. The last time came in 2018 when he was 33 years old, playing for Cleveland Cavaliers.

However, “superman” also has a tiring day. The number of minutes played by James in Game 3 was just 37. During LeBron’s time on the field, the Lakers were 2 points higher than the Nuggets. But the whole game, LA lost 8 points to Denver.

It is these 10 differences that are the loophole that the Los Angeles Lakers are being fully exploited. And this is the “trick” that Denver Nuggets have learned very carefully from the Golden State Warriors.

In NBA Finals 2017, LeBron sat out for a total of 28 minutes. Taking advantage of that, the Warriors surpass the Cavaliers with 27 points earned.

LeBron James was too important to be pulled off the pitch. Every time he got on the bench, his team was affected. In the past, the “king” might not need too much rest.

But now, he has to go out quite a few times to recover physically.

Kobe’s mother-in-law accused of being mistreated, Vanessa Bryant responded in pain

Months after Kobe Bryant’s heartbreaking death, his family problems continued to be exposed by the people involved.

Sofia Laine, mother-in-law of the late Kobe Bryant, recently appeared in a special interview for the Spanish channel Univision. In front of the camera, she wiped her tears, claiming she was mistreated, was kicked out of the house, and claimed her car.

Almost immediately Vanessa Bryant posted a forum in response to her mother: “My husband and daughter died unexpectedly, yet my mother was brave enough to do a television interview and take the words. Negative for my husband and I She was crying over a house and a car that was not in her name.

In that room, she had put away all her diamond jewelry, cleaned up like me and her husband abandoned her. My husband has been financially supporting her for the past 20 years, besides alimony we have spent a lot of money on her.

After my husband and daughter passed away, she never questioned or supported me and the children. Now I understand what is most important to my mother, it is more than the pain. I hope that everything that unfolds about our personal relationship ends here, “Vanessa Bryant responded to her mother’s statements.

Sofia Laine has two daughters, of which Vanessa is the youngest and an older sister 10 years older than her. When Vanessa was a child, she watched her parents divorce and her biological father moved to Mexico.

In 1990, when Vanessa was 8 years old, she watched her mother remarry to a man 8 years younger than her mother. They stayed together until they divorced in 2002. Since then, Sofia Laine and her two daughters had a lot of financial difficulties until Kobe Bryant appeared and provided maximum economic support.

Sofia Laine is quite close with her son-in-law, the last NBA match and Kobe Bryant’s shirt hanging ceremony all featured mother-in-law. However, since the legendary Lakers passed away, things have gone from bad to worse.