McGregor super rich earn $ 32 million per minute, more than CR7

Not only good at making money, Conor McGregor also made public opinion “round eyes wide” with the ability to spend money no one

Recently, The Sun (England) revealed that Conor McGregor is the “top” money-making player in the sports industry in the past year if counted in minutes of competition. “Crazy guy” UFC pocketed $ 32 million just thanks to a match lasting 40 seconds and defeated rival Donald Cerrone (January 18).

Even if he plays for 1 minute, the amount he earn can reach 48 million USD (more than 1,100 billion VND / 1 minute), 2,285 times more than soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo (Ronaldo earns 21,000 USD per minute, equivalent to 489 million). Saying that to see, the Irish boxer really deserves the title “money printing machine”, despite the mess of private life and 3 times his retirement from the UFC career!

According to data from Forbes, McGregor’s net worth in 2020 is about $ 120 million, ranking 53 on the list of the 100 richest celebrities in the world and 16th on the list of “swordfish” athletes. 

Throughout his career, McGregor attended countless games with huge commercial appeal, bringing in a huge source of income. It can be mentioned that the UFC light championship title match with Khabib Nurmagomedov (October 2018) helped “The Crazy Guy” pocket more than $ 50 million. The most memorable is definitely the classic glove with Floyd Mayweather (October 2017) – the event attracted 4.3 million TV viewers and $ 85 million poured into McGregor’s account.

Conor McGregor LA

In 2020, McGregor earns $ 48 million, including $ 32 million in martial arts income (against Donald Cerrone), $ 16 million from being a brand ambassador for gaming, fast food, and sports equipment. , headphones, … Currently, “The Crazy Guy” is promoting the development of fashion brand, fitness center and especially its own whiskey brand named Proper No. Twelve.

Last year, the public was shocked when McGregor announced this “brainchild” brought in sales of more than $ 1 billion (although the information has not been confirmed)!

No one can spend money

To make a lot of money, McGregor also shows no equal level of spending. In 2019, “The Crazy Man” spends $ 2 million to buy a villa in Dublin (Ireland), not to mention 2 real estate in Las Vegas (USA) and Marbella (Spain). He also has a passion for luxury hobbies such as collecting clothes, super cars, watches, yachts, …

According to the press, the number of supercars is up to nearly a dozen of McGregor’s, worth about $ 3.3 million. Last Christmas season, Dee Devlin’s girlfriend was given a Lamborghini $ 200,000 by “Crazy Guy”.

A follower of watches, on his 32nd birthday (July 14), McGregor decided to reward himself with a $ 650,000 watch. According to the word “Crazy Guy”, he has about 12 watches with a total value of millions of dollars. 

The biggest asset that McGregor has ever spent money to own is the super yacht The Prestige 750, named “The Clown” as Muhammad Ali (after the American boxing legend) worth $ 4 million. Before that, McGregor also bought a boat called The 188.

McGregor has never publicly bought an airplane, but through the images and videos that were passed on by the media, it can be seen that “The Crazy Guy” often travels with family or friends on private jet. According to Lux, this jet is just “borrowed” but it is no different from the ownership of “The Crazy Guy” with dense usage frequency. 

McGregor used to be a plumber, crying for the first time in pain

Conor McGregor is so extravagant, but used to cry after receiving the pain.

Conor McGregor was a plumber, the 32-year-old puncher’s life turned a new page since he turned to professional MMA competition. Coming to the mixed martial arts arena in 2008, McGregor really became a star, and has been associated with the name “Crazy Guy” since he joined the UFC, the largest mixed martial arts event in the world. 

"Gã điên" McGregor từng là thợ sửa ống nước, lần đầu khóc vì thua đau - 1

Attending the UFC since 2013, the Irish puncher has become the No. 1 MMA star in the world, not only showing his talent, “The Crazy Guy” also has the ability to stir up and heat up for every event he attended. That is why every event with McGregor in attendance often brings a lot of profits for UFC.

After 12 matches in the UFC, McGregor won 10, lost 2 and held two championship titles in the feather and light category before announcing retirement this year. 

The victories, complacent statements have shaped McGregor to become an extravagant no fear of heaven, no earth in the UFC, nothing seems to beat this puncher. It is thought that McGregor is emotionless, nothing frightens him, but “The Crazy Guy” also had a moment of weakness, he used to shed tears of defeat. 

Tại sao Conor McGregor chỉ thi đấu đúng một trận trong vòng ba năm ...

The French journalist Charles Thiallier recounted this detail by McGregor. In the match in 2008, when McGregor was still playing for Cage of Truth, in the clash with Artemij Sitenkov he lost quickly at the 69th second half of the first half, also the first failure in his career. of “Crazy Guy”. 

Sitenkov, who won against McGregor in 2008, revealed to The Mirror about his opponent’s wet chuckle moment: “Conor tried to come close, which allowed me to hit the lock, squeeze to win. lying on the ring for a few minutes, he was crying with frustration. I had to go to the dressing room to comfort, but he still cried when I entered”. 

HOT 3/8 Sports News: Paralympic Tokyo is not rescheduled

According to the organizers, the Tokyo 2021 Paralympic tournament will keep the 2020 schedule.

Paralympic Tokyo does not reschedule

According to the organizers, the Tokyo 2021 Paralympic tournament will keep the same schedule for 2020. Thus, the Olympic Games for people with disabilities will open on August 24, 2021 and end on September 5, 2021. Before that, the 2021 Tokyo Olympics will be held from July 23 to August 8, 2021. Both Olympics had to be pushed back due to the Covid-19 epidemic.

Justin Thomas surpassed McIlroy to take the No. 1 spot

Justin Thomas just won the WGC championship – FedEx St Jude Invitational, thereby surpassing Rory McIlroy and Jon Rahm to win the world number 1 golf course. This is the 13th PGA championship in the career of a player born in 1993.

The Houston Rockets went on to win the match

After a dramatic victory over the Dallas Mavericks in the previous round, the Houston Rockets went on to have another victory in the NBA. Although facing the Milwaukee Bucks owning two “pole trees” Brook Lopez and Giannis Antetokounmpo, the Houston Rockets’ defense played quite well. Besides, PJ Tucker and Russell Westbrook shined in time to win the Houston Rockets 120-116.

UFC “boss” opposes McGregor against Pacquiao: On The Mac Life, UFC President Dana White expressed a bitter attitude when asked by reporters about the possibility of a great battle between Conor McGregor and Manny Pacquiao taking place in the future. , while also declaring “I don’t care about that damn game”.

Before that, when asked by a fan about the possibility of going up to Pacquiao on Twitter, McGregor surprised him with a reply in Filipino “tinatanggap ko”.

“Nadal, Federer is easier than Djokovic”: In the Tennis Legends radio show , Fabrice Santoro – former ATP 17th ranked tennis player recounted his interesting memories of attending a friendly tournament with Nadal , Federer and Djokovic. As captain, Santoro found Federer and Nadal very friendly, in contrast to Djokovic.

“Working with Nadal, Federer has always been very easy. Djokovic is also very interesting but a bit difficult. I like him in a different way, not a relationship like with Federer or Nadal. Nadal regularly joins the updated chat group. Informative and eagerly awaits the message like a child, “said Santoro.

Prohibited from playing for doping, the Asian champion appealed:  Gomathi Marimuthu – The athlete who won the gold medal for the 800m women’s run in the Asian Championship 2019 (Doha, Qatar) recently filed an application to the Court sports (CAS) to appeal a four-year suspension of doping. Previously, the Indian athlete B’s test sample was found to be positive for the banned substance nandrolone, which resulted in her being stripped of her gold medal and receiving a heavy penalty. 

Awesome NBA competition. The American Basketball Tournament will continue to take place with 7 matches on August 3. Most notably will be the climactic match between the Milwaukee Bucks and the Houston Rockets. In the previous match, the Rockets had a choking victory with a high score against the Dallas Mavericks (153-149). Meanwhile, the Bucks overcame their convincing Boston Celtics rival by 119-112.

The NBA is stressed over Covid-19. The players and coaches of the NBA are subject to a lot of strict rules by the organizers. Because only 1 player is positive for the Covid-19 tests, the tournament is at risk of being interrupted or even canceled.

At 35, like Ronaldo, what are the legends of football like?

At the age of 35, many players have retired or retired in the lower league, but Cristiano Ronaldo is still going to conquer big goals.

Cristiano Ronaldo has just helped Juventus win the 9th Serie A title in a row. This is Ronaldo’s 32nd trophy in his career and the third championship with Juventus.

It is worth mentioning that the Portuguese striker is 35 years old, but he is still the leader pulling Juventus to the championship. Ronaldo is directly involved in 48% of the home team’s goals, including 31 goals and 5 assists.

As such, CR7 still maintains a performance of 1 goal per game in a tournament in the Top 5 of European Championships. It is even more telling when Ronaldo is doing this at the age where many other legends have retired or retired in small teams, or transferred to another job.

At the age of 35, Maradona returned to his hometown to wear the childhood club Boca Juniors. At this time, the “Golden Boy” only plays the spiritual role of the team, not much professional contribution.

Like Maradona, Johan Cruyff also has the option to return to his beloved Ajax team to grow up. Similarly, Ronaldinho returned to his hometown to wear a Fluminense shirt.

Meanwhile, many famous players choose to finish their career in the US such as Pele, George Best, Eusebio, Thierry Henry or Ricardo Kaka. Two Barca legends choose Asia, Iniesta seeks new challenges in Japan in Vissel Kobe, while Xavi joins Qatar Al-Sadd.

But also at the age of 35, many players have announced retirement. Ronaldo “fat” hung shoes after the end of his last adventure at Corinthians, and Zinedine Zidane retired after a 2006 World Cup defeat.

Some other football legends turned to coaching at the age of 35, like Michel Platini and Frank Rijkaard. More specifically, Ruud Gullit is even a player and coach at Chelsea. MU legend Eric Cantona completely changed to a new role when trying to become an actor.

Speaking of his peak performance at the age of 35, Italian and Serie A players deserve to be ranked first. At this age, divine horse tail Roberto Baggio can still help newly promoted Brescia to win tickets to the European Cup.

Francesco Totti also plays a pivotal role in Roma, while Alessandro Del Piero, Gianluigi Buffon or Andrea Pirlo still play top in the Juventus shirt. Now, Buffon is still a partner of Ronaldo when he turns 42.

Even some players have achieved great success at the age of 35 such as Ronaldo. In particular, Paolo Maldini won the Champions League with Milan, Javier Zanetti won Serie A with Inter Milan or Zlatan Ibrahimovic brought 2 Europa League and League Cup titles to MU in the first season.

Will the NBA do everything for the New Orleans Pelicans to get to the Playoffs? (Part 2)

By the time the season was closed, the New Orleans Pelicans had a record of 28-36, ranked 9 and the final Playofs in the West 3.5 matches (belongs to Memphis Grizzlies). Williamson, after about 10 matches, was able to play better and more effectively.

In theory, Zion and Pelicans can completely catch Grizzlies because according to ESPN’s in-depth statistics, New Orleans is the team with the easiest schedule (calculated on the original regular regular season with 82 matches). However, everything had to be temporarily closed.

Now that the Pelicans have been chosen to go to Orlando and the schedule has been officially announced, many people think that the NBA is favoring Zion Williamson and his teammates.

They will have 8 relatively light matches when only facing Jazz and LA Clippers are the two “front” opponents in the first 2 matches, the remaining 6 matches against teams Grizzlies, Kings, Wizards, Spurs, Kings and Magic, all are teams with a win rate of less than 50%.

Compared to other teams, the Pelicans have a lighter schedule and a clearer chance of getting closer to 8th place.

Colin Cowherd On Zion Williamson As The Future Of The NBA - Duke ...

To overcome the Memphis Grizzlies is not easy, but reaching “safe zone” with a gap of less than 4.0 games will be quite easy for New Orleans, which helps them have two rounds of self-determination with opponents to take the final Playoffs.

It is true that Zion Williamson will be in the Playoffs round, which is great for the NBA, but the Pelicans have the same advantage in Orlando as they would have been in the Regular Season if the season were not delayed.

To maintain fairness for New Orleans, the NBA has arranged the Seeding Games schedule as above to preserve the advantage for Zion and his teammates.

So the answer to the question of whether NBA favor New Orleans Pelicans would be no.

How is the Chelsea squad organized with Timo Werner?

Chelsea have agreed a deal to sign Timo Werner and coach Frank Lampard will have to adjust his squad to make room for the German striker.

Chelsea have reached a deal to buy Timo Werner for a fee of £ 53 million. The arrival of the German striker will force coach Frank Lampard to adjust the squad.

Timo Werner established himself as one of the Bundesliga’s top performers after spending four years with RB Leipzig before coming to Chelsea.

Timo Werner is going through his best season with 30 goals and 12 assists in 38 matches in all competitions, bringing RB Leipzig to 91 goals in 152 appearances. As for the German team, he boasts 11 goals in 29 matches.

Werner’s greatest strength is the ability to finish effectively. Since moving from Stuttgart to RB Leipzig at the beginning of the 2016/17 season, only Robert Lewandowski has scored more goals than him in the Bundesliga. 


This season, Chelsea have had many successes with 4-3-3 tactics and this could be Lampard’s favorite squad in the near future when they buy both Ziyech and Werner.

At RB Leipzig, Werner repeatedly played wide as a left wing striker. He has good speed, technique and ability to finish and dribble into the middle to coordinate or direct the shot.

Coming to Chelsea, Werner can completely fill the position of Eden Hazard and coordinate well with Tammy Abraham.


In this scheme, Timo Werner will kick a little lower but still be an extended player on the left. He teamed up with Mason Mount and Hakim Ziyech to become a trio to support striker Tammy Abraham.

This formation gave Lampard coach more options in terms of personnel because Werner can also play well in the number 9 position. If Abraham cannot play, Werner can completely play as a striker to Christian Pulisic or Callum Hudson-Odoi on the left.


This scheme was not used by Lampard coach at Chelsea because the 3-man defense is often less reliable.

If that happens, Reece James and Cesar Azpilicueta will take on the role of winger, attacking on the defensive to help Werner and Ziyech can wholeheartedly focus on the offensive mission.

In addition, Lampard coach can also use the 3-5-2 or 4-4-2 scheme if combining Werner and Abraham to become Chelsea strikers.

Will the NBA do everything for the New Orleans Pelicans to get to the Playoffs?

Zion Williamson and the youth team of New Orleans Pelicans will bring basketball to the eye with many beautiful highlights. But does the NBA favor them?

Temporarily putting aside the concerns, from the public health, the safety of the players to considering basketball as a distraction between the trend of calling for reform and anti-racism in the US, NBA is determined living with floods to bring basketball back.

Yesterday, the NBA and the player association officially finalized a plan to restart the NBA 2019-20 season. Accordingly, 22 teams will compete focused at Disney World Resorts in Orlando. Each team has 8 regular Season matches before entering Playoffs.

Speaking of the eight matches to complete the Regular Season, experts say this is a way for the NBA to pay enough rights to the TV contracts, retaining a portion of the revenue to save the expected season of losses up to hundreds of millions of dollars.

In addition, these matches are also a perfect momentum for the teams, helping them regain the feeling of competition before entering the Playoffs.

However, a few people think that along with choosing 22 teams instead of just 16 Playoffs, this is a favored move for the New Orleans Pelicans, the team has a magnet to attract fans called Zion Williamson.

So will the NBA do everything for the New Orleans Pelicans to get to the Playoffs?

When the season was postponed, Zion Williamson had to halt his series of re-appearances. A surgery during the summer caused the player who was picked in the first round to miss months of play.

By the time the Pelicans played more than 40 games, Zion could make his debut in the NBA and he only played 19 games before basketball had to make room for social isolation. 

Brooklyn Nets at once had two pillars infected with COVID-19

While DeAndre Jordan is a strong wall, Spencer Dinwiddie is having a booming season for the Brooklyn Nets. Now both have COVID-19 infection.

The term of the army was close to the NBA teams, but new COVID-19 infections were constantly appearing.

Not long after 16 positive cases were discovered a few days ago, Brooklyn Nets had two more cases of COVID-19. Unfortunately, these two shifts are attached to two important pillars of the team, Spencer Dinwiddie and DeAndre Jordan.

Announcing on his personal page, DeAndre Jordan announced he was infected with COVID-19 and will not join the Brooklyn Nets squad playing in Orlando at the end of July. 

According to prestigious journalist Adrian Wojnarowski, Jordan was infected with COVID-19 while in Brooklyn for training. Now the Nets will be looking for a player to replace DeAndre Jordan’s position in the squad.

Losing DeAndre Jordan has opened a very difficult gap to fill in the center position. But sadly for Brooklyn, scoring star Spencer Dinwiddie was also infected with COVID-19.

According to journalist Shams Charania, Spencer Dinwiddie has been positive for SARS-CoV-2 and has many symptoms.

Answering The Athletic, superstar Brooklyn Nets said that he had tried to adhere to the rules of social isolation and had many negative tests.

However, after returning to New York to prepare for training with the team, Dinwiddie was determined to be infected with COVID-19.

Brooklyn Nets is currently ranked 7th in the Eastern Rankings with a record of 30-34, ranked in the 8th place is Orlando Magic in exactly 0.5 matches (30-35). The loss of two pillars at once will cause quite a lot of danger for this team, especially when entering the Playoffs round.

Even so, Brooklyn may have turned their sights on next season, where Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant are healthy again. So, what the Nets fans are most looking forward to at the moment is that Spencer Dinwiddie and DeAndre Jordan can fully recover after COVID-19.

With the number of COVID-19 infections increasing in the NBA community, the possibility of resuming the season in Orlando in late July is at stake.

According to a statement from Adam Silver, executive committee member of the tournament, the NBA will consider suspending the restart if there are too many cases.

Up to 2 cases of Brooklyn Nets, NBA had a total of 19 players with COVID-19 in this test.

How did Barca’s young talents fail at La Masia?

Barca’s La Masia youth academy has produced many talents for the world football village but there are many players who fail here.

Barca can be proud of the La Masia training furnace that has produced many of the best footballers in the world, such as Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, Busquets, Puyol, Guardiola. However, the famous academy Barca also has many cases of very unfortunate failures.

The most unfortunate case to mention is Mauro Icardi. The Argentinian striker was not given the opportunity to play in the first team, although no less talented than anyone. Icardi then moved to Sampdoria, before shining in Inter Milan and was only pushed to PSG because of a conflict with the coaching staff.

Các tài năng trẻ của Barca từng thất bại ở La Masia như thế nào?

While on loan at PSG, Icardi still showed the instinct of an assassin, scoring 20 goals in 28 appearances. Earlier, Icardi also contributed 124 goals in 219 matches with Inter Milan.

The case of Giovani dos Santos is different. The Mexican was named the new Ronaldinho and was given 37 chances to play for the first team Barca. However, Dos Santos’s career went downhill after leaving Barca. He made his trip to Tottenham at the age of 19, but was mostly on loan during nearly four seasons playing in England.

After that, Dos Santos wandered to Real Mallorca and Villarreal before moving to LA Galaxy when he was 26 years old. Last year, the 30-year-old returned to his homeland to wear Club America.

Oriol Romeu’s case is also very unfortunate. The tall Spanish midfielder who was highly regarded in La Masia never got first-team football because Barca already had Busquets. Later, Romeu trip to Chelsea and also failed, only stable when playing for the mid-range team Southampton.

Các tài năng trẻ của Barca từng thất bại ở La Masia như thế nào?

Jeffren Suarez’s story is even more tragic. The Venezuelan winger once shone at the Super Classic match against Real Madrid, but an injury that caused his career to fade so quickly.

Jeffren was forced to leave Barca and wander through Sporting Lisbon, Real Valladolid, Eupen, Grasshoppers, AEK Larnaca and now Slaven Belupo. No matter which club he is, Jeffren still can’t recover his form to help him score against Real Madrid.

Isaac Cuenca is another case of losing his future in Barca due to injury. After suffering a serious knee injury at the age of 22, Cuenca had to move to Ajax on loan and gradually disappeared on the European football map.

Meanwhile, the story of Adama Traore is in conflict with the Barca coaching staff, although the winger’s talent is highly appreciated. At the age of 19, Traore decided to look for opportunities in England and the reward is excellent performance in the Wolves shirt.

Some other unfortunate cases of the La Masia kiln include Marc Muniesa, Jonathan Soriano, or Gai Assulin. They are all talented players and may have shone at another club, instead of competing for first place with Barca’s star-studded squad.  

Is the remaining schedule of Barca or Real Madrid more difficult?

Barca has just been beaten to the top by La Real Madrid despite the points. So whose remaining schedule will be more difficult in the championship race?

Both Barca and Real Madrid have 4 games at home and 4 matches at other courts. On paper, the matches of Messi and his teammates at the Nou Camp are more difficult than those of formidable opponents.

Barca’s first match was with Athletic Bilbao, the team that won them both in La Liga and the King’s Cup this season. The second match against Atletico, the opponent they lost in the Spanish Super Cup in January. The third match was a derby against Espanyol which of course would not be easy to play. In the end, Osasuna stood in the middle of the table that seemed easiest for the Catalan team.

Meanwhile, Real Madrid will welcome Mallorca (18th) at Alfredo di Stefano followed by Alaves (13) probably not bringing much danger. On a more difficult level, both Getafe and Villarreal are competing for the European Cup.

As for the away schedule, Barca also appear to have more obstacles because they will meet a revived Celta Vigo with a 6-0 victory over Alaves. Villarreal is another challenge when ranked 7th. For Valladolid and Alaves, the difficulty level will depend on whether the teams have escaped or not.

For their part, the remaining 2/4 away matches of Real Madrid meet the relegation rivals: Espanyol and Leganes. The 9th and 10th places Bilbao and Granada may also pose less of a threat to them.

In short, Real Madrid can decide its own fate by more than Barca in terms of confrontation record. That means, if they win the remaining 8 matches, they will win the championship regardless of the other results.