While DeAndre Jordan is a strong wall, Spencer Dinwiddie is having a booming season for the Brooklyn Nets. Now both have COVID-19 infection.

The term of the army was close to the NBA teams, but new COVID-19 infections were constantly appearing.

Not long after 16 positive cases were discovered a few days ago, Brooklyn Nets had two more cases of COVID-19. Unfortunately, these two shifts are attached to two important pillars of the team, Spencer Dinwiddie and DeAndre Jordan.

Announcing on his personal page, DeAndre Jordan announced he was infected with COVID-19 and will not join the Brooklyn Nets squad playing in Orlando at the end of July. 

According to prestigious journalist Adrian Wojnarowski, Jordan was infected with COVID-19 while in Brooklyn for training. Now the Nets will be looking for a player to replace DeAndre Jordan’s position in the squad.

Losing DeAndre Jordan has opened a very difficult gap to fill in the center position. But sadly for Brooklyn, scoring star Spencer Dinwiddie was also infected with COVID-19.

According to journalist Shams Charania, Spencer Dinwiddie has been positive for SARS-CoV-2 and has many symptoms.

Answering The Athletic, superstar Brooklyn Nets said that he had tried to adhere to the rules of social isolation and had many negative tests.

However, after returning to New York to prepare for training with the team, Dinwiddie was determined to be infected with COVID-19.

Brooklyn Nets is currently ranked 7th in the Eastern Rankings with a record of 30-34, ranked in the 8th place is Orlando Magic in exactly 0.5 matches (30-35). The loss of two pillars at once will cause quite a lot of danger for this team, especially when entering the Playoffs round.

Even so, Brooklyn may have turned their sights on next season, where Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant are healthy again. So, what the Nets fans are most looking forward to at the moment is that Spencer Dinwiddie and DeAndre Jordan can fully recover after COVID-19.

With the number of COVID-19 infections increasing in the NBA community, the possibility of resuming the season in Orlando in late July is at stake.

According to a statement from Adam Silver, executive committee member of the tournament, the NBA will consider suspending the restart if there are too many cases.

Up to 2 cases of Brooklyn Nets, NBA had a total of 19 players with COVID-19 in this test.