Barca has just been beaten to the top by La Real Madrid despite the points. So whose remaining schedule will be more difficult in the championship race?

Both Barca and Real Madrid have 4 games at home and 4 matches at other courts. On paper, the matches of Messi and his teammates at the Nou Camp are more difficult than those of formidable opponents.

Barca’s first match was with Athletic Bilbao, the team that won them both in La Liga and the King’s Cup this season. The second match against Atletico, the opponent they lost in the Spanish Super Cup in January. The third match was a derby against Espanyol which of course would not be easy to play. In the end, Osasuna stood in the middle of the table that seemed easiest for the Catalan team.

Meanwhile, Real Madrid will welcome Mallorca (18th) at Alfredo di Stefano followed by Alaves (13) probably not bringing much danger. On a more difficult level, both Getafe and Villarreal are competing for the European Cup.

As for the away schedule, Barca also appear to have more obstacles because they will meet a revived Celta Vigo with a 6-0 victory over Alaves. Villarreal is another challenge when ranked 7th. For Valladolid and Alaves, the difficulty level will depend on whether the teams have escaped or not.

For their part, the remaining 2/4 away matches of Real Madrid meet the relegation rivals: Espanyol and Leganes. The 9th and 10th places Bilbao and Granada may also pose less of a threat to them.

In short, Real Madrid can decide its own fate by more than Barca in terms of confrontation record. That means, if they win the remaining 8 matches, they will win the championship regardless of the other results.