Months after Kobe Bryant’s heartbreaking death, his family problems continued to be exposed by the people involved.

Sofia Laine, mother-in-law of the late Kobe Bryant, recently appeared in a special interview for the Spanish channel Univision. In front of the camera, she wiped her tears, claiming she was mistreated, was kicked out of the house, and claimed her car.

Almost immediately Vanessa Bryant posted a forum in response to her mother: “My husband and daughter died unexpectedly, yet my mother was brave enough to do a television interview and take the words. Negative for my husband and I She was crying over a house and a car that was not in her name.

In that room, she had put away all her diamond jewelry, cleaned up like me and her husband abandoned her. My husband has been financially supporting her for the past 20 years, besides alimony we have spent a lot of money on her.

After my husband and daughter passed away, she never questioned or supported me and the children. Now I understand what is most important to my mother, it is more than the pain. I hope that everything that unfolds about our personal relationship ends here, “Vanessa Bryant responded to her mother’s statements.

Sofia Laine has two daughters, of which Vanessa is the youngest and an older sister 10 years older than her. When Vanessa was a child, she watched her parents divorce and her biological father moved to Mexico.

In 1990, when Vanessa was 8 years old, she watched her mother remarry to a man 8 years younger than her mother. They stayed together until they divorced in 2002. Since then, Sofia Laine and her two daughters had a lot of financial difficulties until Kobe Bryant appeared and provided maximum economic support.

Sofia Laine is quite close with her son-in-law, the last NBA match and Kobe Bryant’s shirt hanging ceremony all featured mother-in-law. However, since the legendary Lakers passed away, things have gone from bad to worse.