The eight-time Grand Slam champion, Ivan Lendl, believes that the title of GOAT (the greatest tennis player in history) must belong to Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal or Novak Djokovic.

Ivan Lendl – the Czech tennis legend who won the Grand Slam eight times – has just participated in the debate over who is GOAT (the greatest tennis player in history). According to him, in the Open Era, the GOAT of men’s tennis is a competition between Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic. That title will belong to the final winner of the most Grand Slam men’s singles championships.

Huyền thoại Ivan Lendl: GOAT tennis xác định bằng Grand Slam

The trio have been taking turns dominating the world tennis village over the past decade and sharing all 13 of the latest Grand Slam champions. About 39 years old in August 2020, Federer leads the Grand Slam men’s singles championship list with 20 times. Nadal followed closely 19 times. Next is Djokovic holding the No. 1 in the world with 17 laurels. However, Djokovic is currently the youngest of the Big 3 at the age of 32, 1 year younger than Nadal.

For a long time, when talking about GOAT tennis, from the BLV to the fans were based on many parameters such as the number of weeks in the world tennis rankings, the total number of titles won, the total number of Grand Slams or opposing achievements. direct head.

Huyền thoại Ivan Lendl: GOAT tennis xác định bằng Grand Slam

It was not until they retired that the race was completed. Then we can judge. The race is far from over. We have to see Roger as GOAT now, but the journey is not yet closed. It was a terrible race (because Djokovic and Nadal were younger and could play longer – PV) . “

Over the past few months, Djokovic has frequently complained about his fans supporting Federer and Nadal more when playing. Lendl said that public sentiment does not determine who is GOAT: “The most famous person is one thing, and the best person is not judged by the public.”