Not only good at making money, Conor McGregor also made public opinion “round eyes wide” with the ability to spend money no one

Recently, The Sun (England) revealed that Conor McGregor is the “top” money-making player in the sports industry in the past year if counted in minutes of competition. “Crazy guy” UFC pocketed $ 32 million just thanks to a match lasting 40 seconds and defeated rival Donald Cerrone (January 18).

Even if he plays for 1 minute, the amount he earn can reach 48 million USD (more than 1,100 billion VND / 1 minute), 2,285 times more than soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo (Ronaldo earns 21,000 USD per minute, equivalent to 489 million). Saying that to see, the Irish boxer really deserves the title “money printing machine”, despite the mess of private life and 3 times his retirement from the UFC career!

According to data from Forbes, McGregor’s net worth in 2020 is about $ 120 million, ranking 53 on the list of the 100 richest celebrities in the world and 16th on the list of “swordfish” athletes. 

Throughout his career, McGregor attended countless games with huge commercial appeal, bringing in a huge source of income. It can be mentioned that the UFC light championship title match with Khabib Nurmagomedov (October 2018) helped “The Crazy Guy” pocket more than $ 50 million. The most memorable is definitely the classic glove with Floyd Mayweather (October 2017) – the event attracted 4.3 million TV viewers and $ 85 million poured into McGregor’s account.

Conor McGregor LA

In 2020, McGregor earns $ 48 million, including $ 32 million in martial arts income (against Donald Cerrone), $ 16 million from being a brand ambassador for gaming, fast food, and sports equipment. , headphones, … Currently, “The Crazy Guy” is promoting the development of fashion brand, fitness center and especially its own whiskey brand named Proper No. Twelve.

Last year, the public was shocked when McGregor announced this “brainchild” brought in sales of more than $ 1 billion (although the information has not been confirmed)!

No one can spend money

To make a lot of money, McGregor also shows no equal level of spending. In 2019, “The Crazy Man” spends $ 2 million to buy a villa in Dublin (Ireland), not to mention 2 real estate in Las Vegas (USA) and Marbella (Spain). He also has a passion for luxury hobbies such as collecting clothes, super cars, watches, yachts, …

According to the press, the number of supercars is up to nearly a dozen of McGregor’s, worth about $ 3.3 million. Last Christmas season, Dee Devlin’s girlfriend was given a Lamborghini $ 200,000 by “Crazy Guy”.

A follower of watches, on his 32nd birthday (July 14), McGregor decided to reward himself with a $ 650,000 watch. According to the word “Crazy Guy”, he has about 12 watches with a total value of millions of dollars. 

The biggest asset that McGregor has ever spent money to own is the super yacht The Prestige 750, named “The Clown” as Muhammad Ali (after the American boxing legend) worth $ 4 million. Before that, McGregor also bought a boat called The 188.

McGregor has never publicly bought an airplane, but through the images and videos that were passed on by the media, it can be seen that “The Crazy Guy” often travels with family or friends on private jet. According to Lux, this jet is just “borrowed” but it is no different from the ownership of “The Crazy Guy” with dense usage frequency.