Conor McGregor is so extravagant, but used to cry after receiving the pain.

Conor McGregor was a plumber, the 32-year-old puncher’s life turned a new page since he turned to professional MMA competition. Coming to the mixed martial arts arena in 2008, McGregor really became a star, and has been associated with the name “Crazy Guy” since he joined the UFC, the largest mixed martial arts event in the world. 

"Gã điên" McGregor từng là thợ sửa ống nước, lần đầu khóc vì thua đau - 1

Attending the UFC since 2013, the Irish puncher has become the No. 1 MMA star in the world, not only showing his talent, “The Crazy Guy” also has the ability to stir up and heat up for every event he attended. That is why every event with McGregor in attendance often brings a lot of profits for UFC.

After 12 matches in the UFC, McGregor won 10, lost 2 and held two championship titles in the feather and light category before announcing retirement this year. 

The victories, complacent statements have shaped McGregor to become an extravagant no fear of heaven, no earth in the UFC, nothing seems to beat this puncher. It is thought that McGregor is emotionless, nothing frightens him, but “The Crazy Guy” also had a moment of weakness, he used to shed tears of defeat. 

Tại sao Conor McGregor chỉ thi đấu đúng một trận trong vòng ba năm ...

The French journalist Charles Thiallier recounted this detail by McGregor. In the match in 2008, when McGregor was still playing for Cage of Truth, in the clash with Artemij Sitenkov he lost quickly at the 69th second half of the first half, also the first failure in his career. of “Crazy Guy”. 

Sitenkov, who won against McGregor in 2008, revealed to The Mirror about his opponent’s wet chuckle moment: “Conor tried to come close, which allowed me to hit the lock, squeeze to win. lying on the ring for a few minutes, he was crying with frustration. I had to go to the dressing room to comfort, but he still cried when I entered”.