After a period of sitting on the bench, Paul Pogba gradually returned to the MU main team. Unfortunately, in the last great battle with Arsenal, the 2018 World Cup champion caused great harm.

Never before has Paul Pogba’s career “sunk” like this time. Losing the leading star position in the middle of the MU line to Bruno Fernandes, this French midfielder also turned himself into a villain in the eyes of fans with hard-to-forgive mistakes, such as situations leading to The penalty caused MU to lose to Arsenal recently.

This is clearly not the period when Paul Pogba is in good form. From MU to France, this player had to sit on the bench. At MU, the total number of minutes played by this player in 3 matches against Newcastle, PSG and Chelsea is 76 minutes. When France Tel met Croatia on October 14, Pogba also entered the field in the 74th minute.

Paul Pogba’s return to the main squad in a 5-0 win over Leipzig was not bad. He had a clever way to play Mason Greenwood down the delicate finish, opening a sumptuous goal party at Old Trafford. But all, the foul tack with Hector Bellerin erased all previous attempts of “Pogboom”.

In the past period, coach Solskjaer decided to use a two-midfield interception scheme, to minimize the opponent’s attack power. A 2-1 win at PSG is an example. To serve this tactical intention, “Solsa” was forced to eliminate Pogba and use the Fred – McTominay couple.

Coach Solskjaer personally explained for this decision. The Norwegian military leader insisted that he eliminated Pogba because the player lacked stability compared to Fred and McTominay, regardless of the level of the French midfielder.

The Daily Mail quoted the captain MU: “They are in better shape right now, they are quality players and have played well against Newcastle. They laid the foundation for victory over Newcastle and PSG also. like a positive result for Chelsea”.