Worth mentioning that, MU without Pogba played very well, creating a balance in both defense and attack.

Meanwhile, in the bitter defeat at the hands of Arsenal recently, “Solsa” tried to combine both Pogba and Bruno Fernandes in a squad. But clearly this combination did not produce the expected results.

How to restore superstar position?

Remember after the game against PSG, Pogba accepted the scene where he had to sit on the bench: “It was prepared for me to come on the bench. The team was well prepared for this match. We know that. They were very strong in terms of attack, and we had to stop that. “

However, according to the Daily Mail, after the third consecutive substitute match, Pogba became impatient. This is a “secret” period because MU wants to persuade Pogba to continue to extend the contract. Previously, the Old Trafford team activated a clause to renew the contract for an additional year, to June 2022.

But the elite “Red Devils” want Pogba to commit to a longer contract. Super-stork Mino Raiola used that to put pressure on coach Solskjaer as well as the MU leadership, bringing Pogba back to the starting lineup. But how bad this return was, of course everyone knows.

In the past period, Paul Pogba played without satisfaction because his superstar role at MU declined, since Bruno Fernandes joined the “Red Devils”. Instead of playing free football, the 2018 World Cup champions now have to step back, ceding the scope of activity in front of the restricted area to Bruno. For Pogba personally, this will significantly destroy creativity.

But from the match with Arsenal, maybe coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer needs to make heavier decisions with Paul Pogba. Continue to put the player back on the bench, build a system in which Pogba must directly compete with other employees and only enter the pitch when it is worthy of necessity for MU. Pogba’s superstar status at Old Trafford is about to be ruled out.