Perhaps this is the first time fans have felt the signs of the age of LeBron James, who has played 17 seasons in the NBA with a great number of minutes.

In NBA history, LeBron James has been the owner of many great achievements and unique records. But if we talk about statistics, LeBron has a number that is always at the top compared to other leading stars.

That is the number of minutes played. As of today, he has played a total of 10,496 minutes in the Playoffs.

Taking these minutes and James’ activity level per average player, this equates to three seasons plus the 17 regular seasons that LeBron has played in.

Every Playoffs round, LeBron approaches 40 minutes per match. In stressful matches, his 40-45 minute pitch is almost certain to happen.

This makes sense for many reasons. The first is the great fitness of LeBron James, who is always regarded as a “superman”, one of the strongest and most resilient athletes in the NBA.

In his career, LeBron has had 4 Playoffs without stopping for a single second, playing the full 48 minutes. The last time came in 2018 when he was 33 years old, playing for Cleveland Cavaliers.

However, “superman” also has a tiring day. The number of minutes played by James in Game 3 was just 37. During LeBron’s time on the field, the Lakers were 2 points higher than the Nuggets. But the whole game, LA lost 8 points to Denver.

It is these 10 differences that are the loophole that the Los Angeles Lakers are being fully exploited. And this is the “trick” that Denver Nuggets have learned very carefully from the Golden State Warriors.

In NBA Finals 2017, LeBron sat out for a total of 28 minutes. Taking advantage of that, the Warriors surpass the Cavaliers with 27 points earned.

LeBron James was too important to be pulled off the pitch. Every time he got on the bench, his team was affected. In the past, the “king” might not need too much rest.

But now, he has to go out quite a few times to recover physically.