Bryson DeChambeau, Cameron Champ and Matthew Wolff played a long shot while the same group played in the first two Shriners Open in Las Vegas this week.

Last PGA Tour season, DeChambeau topped the pitch, averaging 322.1 yards, Champ ranked second with 322 yards and Wolff at 311.6 yards, making it ninth.

The opening round of Shriners Open on October 8, Champ hit the driver’s head very strongly in hole 9, par5, 569 yards long. “There! I got that much, Bryson,” said the 1995-born player, then touched his fist with DeChambeau.

“Yes, the ball will roll more,” DeChambeau, born in 1993, commented with a sarcastic expression and the two chuckled.

On the 9th fairway, DeChambeau’s ball is 353 yards, and Champ is more than four yards away (one yard equals 0.9 meters). Between them was Wolff’s shadow. All three are competing against each other and using their power to take advantage of the TPC Summerlin, par71 pitch.

During the first round, the PGA Tour “tackling expert” team played 28 shots over 300 yards. But DeChambeau was far more efficient. Both distance and accuracy, the new US Open champion stood before five ealge chances in three par5 and two par4 holes, but in the end he only scored a birdie.

“That’s the strength advantage in today’s top golf,” says DeChambeau. “Even if I don’t take all the chances, I believe long range shots are going to score well. The proof I got those five birdies and that makes the round easier to breathe. And this course alone, I think hitting The four-stick sound is common, while the one or two sounds have the feeling that I’m over par “.

Professional statistics show that DeChambeau hit 11 of the 14 fairways, went green according to the standard of 16 in 18 holes and used 29 putt for the whole round of 62 strokes. He kept the top of group -9 after the first 18 holes, while Champ hit 67 and Wolff 68, both in the middle of the table.

Despite fighting many holes, Champ focused on the driver at the end of the round. “I played well but at that hole I wanted to try to beat Bryson,” he said. “His flight path is farther than me, maybe about 20 yards. But when I hit the ground I roll farther. That’s the difference.”

Also contacting the media nearby, DeChambeau overheard and counterattacked: “Me and him more than lose back and forth a few times. The next day I will hit harder”.